“I Can Eat All The Pies”

I think I should explain my blog title to you all! It refers to the fact that I have Cystic Fibrosis, which I mentioned in my description and in the subheading under the title.

Cystic Fibrosis causes the body to produce excess secretions which can clog up the lungs and digestive system. This results in repetitive lung infections and difficulty to digest food and therefore poor growth. When a CF eats we have to take Creon which contain the digestive enzymes normally released by the pancreas. (Sticky mucus clogs up the pancreas and blocks the opening of it where the digestive enzymes would be released, therefore food cannot be broken down.)

The difficulty we have in digesting our food can lead to malnutrition, poor growth and delayed puberty. Malnutrition can  mean that when we get a lung infection, it is harder to fight off. It could mean we lose weight trying to fight it off. So we are encouraged to have a diet of high energy and high calorie foods, for example, pies!! (Burgers, chocolate, chips, milk etc. also.)

That’s why I can eat all the pies!!

// Beth

(I have to go to break at school now but I think that’s all the explanation you need!)


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