‘Eat Your Way To Perfect Abs’

About the only time you'll hear that phrase when it's not on an advertisement at the bottom of a dodgy website! It was on the cover of Men's Health magazine, talking about Ben, a CF sufferer who is probably the healthiest looking CF I've ever seen! The article I found about his appearance on the magazine … Continue reading ‘Eat Your Way To Perfect Abs’

A Standard Day In The Life Of A CF-er

7:00AM: Take antibiotics, steroid tablet, inhalers, liver tablets (to keep my liver healthy) and nasal spray. (At this time, that would be a total of 5 tablets.) Do very few breathing exercises as physiotherapy for my lungs ( I should do more but I'm pressed for time before school and it doesn't come up as easily as … Continue reading A Standard Day In The Life Of A CF-er

Hello again, Pseudomonas

I found out yesterday that after 10 years of freedom/resistance/health (call it what you will), Pseudomonas has found me again. For those of you who aren't down with the CF lingo, Pseudomonas (sue-da-mo-nus)  is said to be the worst bacteria you can get. It's that bad, that if you grow it, you get segregated for clinic appointments, … Continue reading Hello again, Pseudomonas