A Standard Day In The Life Of A CF-er

7:00AM: Take antibiotics, steroid tablet, inhalers, liver tablets (to keep my liver healthy) and nasal spray. (At this time, that would be a total of 5 tablets.) Do very few breathing exercises as physiotherapy for my lungs ( I should do more but I’m pressed for time before school and it doesn’t come up as easily as it does in the afternoon or evening.)

8:00AM: Have breakfast and 2-3 creon (a digestive enzyme which does the job of a pancreas – breaks down my food.)

9:00AM: The school day starts.

11:00AM: Break time – snacks and creon again! (1-2)

1:00PM: Lunch time – food and creon. (2-4)

4:00PM: Arrive home, take my nebuliser which loosens any mucus on my lungs, ready for physio later. Homework (average teenage stuff!) Snacks and creon (3-4)

7:30PM: Dinner and creon (3-4)

9:00PM: Physio

10:00PM: Take another round of antibiotics, inhalers, liver tablets, nasal spray and vitamin A, D and E. (Vitamins are necessary as my body doesn’t take all the nutrients etc. out of my food as it has trouble breaking it down. Vitamin levels are low in CF’s, supplements are needed to keep them topped up.)

Tablet total: 31

  • It is important for everyone to do exercise, that includes CF’s as well, but I can’t say it’s a hobby of mine! (I got out of P.E. when possible, for example, the whole of years 10 and 11, ironically my excuse was CF..) but I walk to and from school, the whole day when shopping and up to the next village (up a hill). Although me and my friends have been talking about joining the gym..
  • The tablet count isn’t necessarily right, creon numbers depend on what I eat, antibiotic numbers depend on what antibiotic I’m on or if I am fighting off a particular bacteria and vitamins are always changed to different numbers!
  • Physio is supposed to be twice a day however, to be completely honest, I rarely ever do it in the mornings before school or work! I also don’t do my nebuliser every day but it only loosens mucus, which happens naturally during the day anyway so I think that if I was going to skip a medication it should be the least important one which won’t help directly (unlike antibiotics for instance).
  • Don’t forget I’m a 17 year old girl who likes to go out with my friends too! I have to make sure I have time to do all my medications after I’ve been out with my friends or make sure I have enough of everything with me when I go out!

This is an average day for me however daily routine can be slightly different for each CF – I don’t have as many nebulisers as others and I don’t do as much physio either!

// Beth


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