‘Eat Your Way To Perfect Abs’

About the only time you’ll hear that phrase when it’s not on an advertisement at the bottom of a dodgy website! It was on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, talking about Ben, a CF sufferer who is probably the healthiest looking CF I’ve ever seen!

The article I found about his appearance on the magazine talks about his exercise routine and diet. He is a role model for CF’s and anyone else! Look what he deals with everyday and it hasn’t stopped him!

I remember posting something on my old blog about there not being any models who suffer from CF. It looks like I’m wrong now! There’s no way, even me, could tell he has CF!

The only clue would be the scar across his stomach which you can only almost see in the picture on the left.

Please read the article from which I found this story! Sorry for such a short and not very well written post! I was just so surprised/impressed that I wanted to post a quick something!! And even so, I don’t think it’s put across how I actually felt when I saw those pictures but you can see for yourself,


// Beth


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