The Sunday Shift

I’m going to tell you about my day at work today. I don’t normally work Sundays but today I started at 8AM, already an improvement on my 7:30AM Saturday shifts. I’m giving you times because I might end up trying to blame today’s mistakes on my tiredness…

Yesterday actually seemed like a good day – work went well and when I got home I found my Amazon delivery had arrived 3 days early and then I found my locket which I lost ages ago and have searched (almost) everywhere for! I should have remembered that luck doesn’t last long.

Believe me, I’ve had worse days, but today just seemed due to come seeing as I’d had such a ‘lucky’ day yesterday. Also, I feel like I need to talk about it to get over it, because I keep doing that thing when you remember the moments of embarrassment and want to wriggle and squirm until you’re mind has passed onto other things.

Anyway, I got to work today all well and good, on time and chatting to Max, who I was working with for the first time.. All was fine until I touched the mould on a tomato and screeched a little bit in the shop (although it was in no way worse than a courgette experience I suffered from yesterday.) Then I realised the bow on my top was tucked into my leggings. No-one told me, if they’d noticed, which I’m hoping they didn’t. Then my top caused me another mishap, when the bow (again) got caught on the key in the till, leaving me stuck until I pulled back resulting in the key ending up on the floor. All of which a customer saw. I must have looked very professional.

More of today’s minor mishaps:

  • looking for someones saved newspaper in the wrong place entirely
  • having a mouthful of tea when a customer appeared
  • typing in the wrong number of papers into the till (pressed 9, not 4 – they don’t even look the same)
  • answering the phone, having to ask the person on the other end repeat themselves 3 times while trying to serve a customer at the same time.

The minor mishaps can be overlooked with little embarrassment, but every time I have minor mishaps, there seems to be a major one. Prepare for the paper boy pa lava, which is sure to sound insignificant but to me it was one of those moments where you squirm until you forget. A paperboy, (who I have seen and served about a dozen times) came in for his round money. I asked him who he was out of two people who I always get confused and I’m 100% sure he answered my question but I’m 100% sure I didn’t listen to his answer. I gave him the wrong money, to which he said ‘I’m not Will.’ Whoops. Face palm. He told me who he was as well and it wasn’t even like it was early in the morning. I think it was about 11AM. Although I believed that I saved myself a bit of embarrassment by not saying the cliché ‘Sorry, I’m not with it today.’

Then there was that awkward time period when I had to use my ‘maths skills’ to work out the difference between his right and the wrong wages.

And then after 4 hours of working with me, Max says ‘I’m not sure if I’d want to work with you again.’ Oh. Sure. Yep. Ok.

I think I should probably stick to Saturdays, my normal non-chatty work guy and minor courgette mishaps..I seem to get on better with them.

// Beth


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