Torpedo CF Trial

[Torpedo CF* is the drug trial to find out what type of drug (intravenous antibiotics or oral antibiotics) work better at getting rid of Pseudomonas.] As I posted about before, I’m now growing it, so I agreed to take part in the trial. I now sort of wish I hadn’t..

As I could have predicted, I was ‘randomly’ assigned to have the 2 week course of IV’s, although I’m pretty sure it was fixed up before by my life to give me bad luck.

So, I have to go in hospital. For 2 weeks. It means I’ll miss out on the first two weeks of my final year of Sixth Form. That’s really not great timing as I already missed the last two weeks of my first year, from when I went to Florida. In that time we started all the A Levels. So I practically will have 4 weeks of work to catch up on. Hurrah. Also, this could one of the last times I’m an in-patient with the Children’s Hospital! I turn 18 next June and then I have to move over to the adults hospital! It will be sad to say bye to all the nurses and Doctors that I’ve known for as long as I can remember!

I really haven’t had the best day. After that I had to go to the opticians and fail at trying to use contact lenses. It doesn’t help that I don’t like eyes..

I thought I’d update you all, sorry that I couldn’t bring you all better news to brighten up your day!

// Beth





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