The problems with wearing glasses

I don’t like my glasses. Despite receiving comments like ‘they suit you, though’ and ‘you’d look weird without them now’, I’ve not yet come to love them. Although they have helped me out massively over the years, I have come across many stipulations of having them on my face. I know many of you with glasses will understand, but for those of you who have perfect vision and can wake up in the morning and read the clock aid-free, here goes:

  • Why do people insist of trying them on? If you have perfect eyesight don’t take that for granted! I’ll never understand why they want to try them on – it’ll make your vision fuzzy (welcome to my world) so you can’t even see what they look like on your face!
  • Once we went to a party dressed up as hulks. We all had green tops, tights and hulk masks but I I had mine hung around my neck as it couldn’t go over my glasses. Sad times.
  • Glasses and summer don’t mix. Hello to those tan lines on your face. Plus, it’s sunny, bright and you need sunglasses, but you can’t wear both – trust me.
  • The terror towards the possibility they could get broken. It’s always an option, and I don’t like the idea that I might have to go about my day being partially-blind until they get fixed. All the embarrassing moments that could lead to.
“Smile at the camera.” “What camera?” *squints*
  • Smudgy/dirty glasses are THE worst – you need that little piece of fabric that comes with the glasses. Any old bit of clothing just will not do the same job.
  • A problem for the shorter ones of us – hugging can be slightly awkward as your glasses get squashed against their stomach/chest.
  • Hold on, lets start with that – you can wake up and automatically see everything clearly!? You can read the clock, or turn on morning TV and actually see it? This concept is alien to me.
  • Similar to the people who want to try them on, you get people who pause when talking to you and say ‘I can see myself in your glasses’. Great?
  • Drinking a hot drink or walking into a warm house after being outside in the snow is not a simple task… steamy lenses are very much a winter problem for us.
  • During the times you can’t wear them (eg. swimming) you can’t see anything – or, more importantly, anyone! Is that your friend? Could be. Tall, blurry, dark hair, blurry… maybe just approach them and hope for the best? Oops, maybe not.



Long rant or informative list? I’ll let you decide, but maybe some of you lucky people with  20/20 vision will feel slightly more clued up about what it’s like to live a glasses life. One day this could be you!


// Beth




One thought on “The problems with wearing glasses

  1. samanthaleaah

    Hey Beth! This is truly inspirational! You are a star!
    Love the photo by the way!! 😉 some very sexy people in that photo!
    Love Sam xxx

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