University Application!

I’m sat in the library at school, after a fairly short assembly, considering they normally seem to last hours. Today, UCAS applications and personal statements were one of the topics. Like most people I’ve spoken to, I haven’t started mine. Then they mentioned the deadline was the end of this term. ‘If you have free periods now, you know what you need to be doing.’So guess what I’m doing? Well, I’m not, I’m posting this but only because my personal statement isn’t going so well.

How do I even start? I want to be a journalist, that should mean I can write but I can’t even start a personal statement where all I have to do is talk about myself!

‘I want to study a journalism course because…’

‘I have chosen journalism because…’

‘Journalism is my chosen course as…’

I can tell you that my word document in fact, looks like this:

It’s now period 2 and that’s still all it says. I might give up on writing it electronically and put the good old pen to paper. I might get a bit further then, might be hit with a bit more inspiration.

Also, I need to go and save our table in the common room…

I’ll update you soon on how I’m getting on, if anything has changed!

// Beth


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