Bucket List!

Everyone has those things that they want to do in their life and I’m the same. Right now, I’ve just started my A Levels, I’m looking at universities and I’m planning the beginning if the rest of my life, so it seems natural to add to the list all the things I want to do before I die. I’m going to use one of those cliche phrases now; I don’t want to get old and realise I haven’t done much with my life. After I die, I want people to say that I lived my life how I wanted, did all I wanted to do and didn’t let my CF control my life. (Obviously, they will be saying these things after listing all my other positive traits, kind, beautiful, happy, talented, generous etc. I don’t need to go on ;)! ) Due to developments in science and medicine, the life expectancy of CF sufferers has increased from just one year old in the 1930’s to around 40 today in 2012. I’ve always known that I won’t live as long as my friends so I know I don’t have as much time as they do to complete my list! It’s a morbid subject but I need to acknowledge it because it’s reality and I need to live my life while I can!

So here’s is my bucket list, at the age 17 (in no particular order!):

1) Spend Christmas and New Years Eve in New York City – Wrapped up in a scarf, gloves and a coat, walk through the snow and see the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center and watch the ball drop in Times Square.

2) Dye/Dip dye my hair! – The new craze of blonde tips!

3) Sleep under the stars.

4) Visit every state of America! And go to a proper American Diner!

5) Visit Australia!

6) Join a gym! – Hahahaha, no seriously.

7) Meet One Direction!!

8) See One Direction live! (23rd MARCH 2013 – Not going on a skiing holiday for this!!) 😀 😀

9) Learn some sign language.

10) Play an extra in a film or TV show.

11) Watch a flash mob.

12) See Niagara Falls.

Look how cute it is!! (The koala, not Liam..)

13) Visit Canada.

14) Do an abseil for charity.

15) Get a small tattoo.

16) Go to Disney Land Paris!

17) Go back to Disney Land Florida (best holiday everrrr)

18) Hold a koala. (Look how cute it is!)

19) Have my writing published.

20) Make some vlogs and put them on YouTube.

21) Visit Harry Potter world in Universal!

22) Rescue a dog from a shelter.

23) Be in a play. (Rehearsing for Jungle Book Sixth Form Production at the moment!)

24) Watch the sun set on a beach.

25) See the Northern Lights.

26) Read 5 books from the Modern Library Best Novels List. [http://www.modernlibrary.com/top-100/100-best-novels/] (Including The Great Gatsby and How To Kill A Mockingbird – I think I was in the only class that didn’t read this book for my GCSE’s!)

27) Go to a drive in movie theater!

28) Write a secret and send it on a helium balloon.

29) Gamble in Las Vegas!

30) Go on a road trip with friends!

31) Have a dog through its whole life.

32) Go to the cinema in my pyjamas.

33) Visit a volcano! – I stood on the volcano in St. Lucia! (Years ago.)

34) Make a singing video and upload it to YouTube.

35) Sit on a roof and watch the sun rise!

37) Ride on a motorbike/or drive one!

36) Superglue a penny to the floor and watch!

38) Make a family tree.

39) Do some volunteer work for charity.

40) Go on a non-budget shopping spree! – Who doesn’t want to do this!?

41) Cry at a film with friends – Watching the Notebook didn’t really work for us?

42) Kiss in the rain..damn you The Notebook..

43) Celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA one year!

44) Live in London for a bit.

45) See the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

46) Drop a watermelon..random, but watch it smash!

47) Take a photo every day for a year, of something I do that day. It could be a film, sort of like the story of my life in a year!

48) Leave footprints in wet cement.

49) Swim with Dolphins! – Florida, 12th July 2012, Discovery Cove! (Like I said, best holiday everrr!)

50) Meet the cast of a TV show on their set. (eg. How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory..etc.!)

This is my bucket list! There will probably be things I’ve missed but maybe if I think of another 50 I’ll make another post!

// Beth


One thought on “Bucket List!

  1. Hi, I came across your blog and read this post. I’m truly inspired by you on how you are embracing life the way you are.

    I actually just completed an iPhone app where people share their goals and dreams. It’s a dream of mine to do that, and the name of the app is adream.

    I’m so humbled by your positivity, and you will have such a wonderful life! Have a great time doing all the things you do 🙂

    Best, Ray

    adream – http://adre.am/app (iPhone app)

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