Good News(Paper)!

Reading a newspaper earlier this week and seeing headline after headline of horrible news didn’t give me the hope and happiness I wanted to start my day with. I know these events can’t be ignored, people need to know about the kind of society we live in. But have you ever wondered if we live in this kind of society because that’s what’s being publicized? You can’t read any newspaper without seeing how someone was abused, assaulted, murdered, kidnapped etc. But by constantly writing news stories on it, aren’t  these things almost being promoted? Okay, that’s quite an exaggeration but it has been found to be true in a few cases. People have been convicted for assaults or abuse after seeing or reading about them.

My point is, that if happier news stories were published, would that give people the inspiration to go out and do the same, thereby improving that society for the good?

For example, yesterday I was reading a very small, very cheap (but still very good) newspaper I came across this story:

An NY Police Officer bought a homeless man a $75 pair of shoes after seeing him on the street without any. His act of kindness surprised the man so much that he felt unable to also accept any food or drink. A passerby was also blown away at the officers kindness, so much so that he felt the need to document the moment and upload it to the internet where it quickly became and internet sensation. Later Officer Larry DePrimo said “I just did it because it’s what I felt I had to do. I didn’t really expect anything of it, I walked away back to my foot post.”

This story just made me smile and I felt newspaper should have more of these uplifting and inspirational stories!

I had this idea, which I’m sure someone would have thought of before, that a good news newspaper should be printed. It would make people much happier to know that there are these people out there who will help homeless people, rescue animals, adopt children and raise them to be doctors and vets! These things DO happen, and these people ARE out there! In this world there are some very good people and I believe that if more people know of them and what they do, it will inspire them to do the same!

So my idea is to create a little newspaper (to begin with) just for good news. People need happiness and hope for society and more promotion of this will hopefully spread it; spread it so much that my little good news newspaper will grow and expand due to more goodness in the world!

People should know that good news does exist, don’t lose hope and happiness!

So here are some more good news stories to brighten your day 🙂


// Beth


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