I Forgot To Tell You!

A few weeks ago, I let you know how I was applying to university and not doing so well with my personal statement. I also said I’d keep you updated, which so far I have failed to do!

So first of all, I did eventually manage to write a personal statement! I did have to draft it 3 times, but it got done and it got done by the deadline my school set! Woo Hoooooo.

Once that was done, my school added references and it got sent off to UCAS who send it on to the universities I applied for. These were:

  • Winchester
  • Worcester
  • Hertfordshire
  • Portsmouth
  • Chester

The course I applied for was English Language and Journalism.

One problem with these uni’s though, is that none are in major cities, so they don’t have large, local hospital with a CF team. There were so many things to consider at the time, course, distance, grades etc. that I wouldn’t have been able to find a university that met all those needs. My plan is to not go too far away, so I can come home if I want to when/if I get ill and need IV’s, which rules out Chester. I also need to go somewhere with a fairly close hospital.

Anyway, once my application was sent off, I got emails from the uni’s thanking me for my application. Then I had to wait to find out whether they wanted to offer me a place or not.

Long story short, I got offers from all 5! 😀

Now I have to wait again, take my January Psychology exam, wait for those results and that will give me an idea of my universities are more realistic for me to get into. Then I need to pick a first and second choice!

I have no idea at the moment where I want to go. I need to visit them all and decide!

Me and my friend Sophie did try to go to Worcester to look around… it didn’t quite work as we went on the day of the English Floods! We got stuck in Cheltnam Spa where we were supposed to switch trains. We ended up getting a coach home to Bristol after not getting to Worcester at all.

This post ended up being a lot longer than it was supposed to. My aim was to update you on my university application, which I did though, so I suppose this post was a success!

Again, I promise to keep you updated…

// Beth


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