CF Has Got Me Down

I don’t normally let CF get me down. I do my medication and get on with it. But today I had a hospital appointment in which I found out that even after 2 weeks of IV antibiotics in hospital (which I felt I didn’t need) and 3 months of doing a nebuliser twice a day, I still have Pseudomonas. It just feels like all that effort I put in to take the nebulisers, go in hospital and miss the start of my last school year was a waste of time! It was supposed to get rid of this bug, but it hasn’t.

Also, I’m rubbish at taking nebulisers, I hate them. They take time and lots of effort. It’s that one treatment which I don’t do very often because I don’t get on with it! I don’t have the motivation to do it. And now I have to do it for another 3 months.

I was good at the beginning of the last nebuliser trial, I did it everyday, twice a day but in the 3rd month I was rubbish at it. I couldn’t be bothered to do it and missed a fair few doses. Now I have to do it all over again.

So that was my morning, then I had my flu jab which added to all the fun I was already having. So now I’m sat here feeling sorry for myself and thought I’d tell you all about it!

Hopefully this time the Pseudomonas will go. I have some tablet antibiotics to supplement the nebulisers as well so hopefully this combination will be more successful in defeating it! At least I have Christmas to look forward to!

Merry Christmas! (This may not sound very sincere after this post but honestly, Merry Christmas.)

// Beth


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