Remember Me?

Hello! I know it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve written anything, sorry about that! I had an exam last week, which to sum up, I had to know 24 essays off by heart for and only 3 were going to come up… in the end, it went really well though! So YAY! That’s why I didn’t write before then as I was frantically cramming essays into my brain!

Now I have no A Level work to do and I’m actually quite bored…I’m just spending a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls!

I want to write something interesting now but honestly, I’m having a mental block…I can’t think of anything to entertain you with! This doesn’t bode well as I want to become a journalist and journalists need to write about something or they’re out of a job…

I’ll update you on my life if you want?

Well, since I’m still growing Pseudomonas (as of September) I’m still on nebulised Promixin. However, during Jungle Book in December I missed a lot of doses and then over Christmas I let myself off and then because of my exam, I haven’t actually done it recently…I’ll do it tonight, I promise… I know this is bad, but I literally cannot persuade myself to do it and I know I’m the only one who will be affected if I don’t do it blah blah blah but I don’t actually feel ill with this Pseudomonas. If I did, I think I’d be more encouraged to do it. I’ve been telling myself for days to start it again…

My friends group are also trying to plan our end of year holiday. This is actually more stressful than exciting. Abroad? Wales? Villa? Hotel? Pool? Beach? Flights? etc. etc. We can’t really agree on a place and I think everyone is getting stressed about the money too!

In the next month I’ll be going to 3 university open days; Portsmouth, Winchester and Worcester. I can’t remember if I told you but my friend and I attempted to get to Worcester on the train for their last open day but it happened to clash with the day that it flooded. So I’m attempting it again and hoping that it isn’t some superstitious sign that I’m not meant to go there.

Apart from those things, this is a very dull part of the year right now! I don’t really have anything to comment on in my life and I haven’t seen any films or anything either recently that I can talk about…

So I think I’ll leave it there also leaving you on the edge of your seat because lets face it, it’s going to be difficult to beat this post in terms of excitement…

// Beth


HOLD ON! I’ve thought of 2 things which actually are quite exciting!

1) It snowed on Friday last week in England. We got  a day off school and went sledging. It was fun but I don’t have very appropriate clothes for sledging and I got soaked!

Our Sledging Hill!
Our Sledging Hill!

2) MY ONE DIRECTION TICKETS ARRIVED! 😀 I won a pair of tickets to see them in April this year through The Sun newspaper and they arrived on Saturday! Very exciting!

That’s all folks! I’ll write again soon!

// Beth


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