I thought I’d tell you more about me! You know I have CF and I’ve made it clear that I like One Direction, but that’s not all the music I like! I’m going to tell about more of the music I listen to everyday! A personal Top 20 music chart if you like!

20) Delilah – Shades Of Grey

She’s been around for ages and she actually has an amazing voice! Her album ‘From The Roots Up’ was released in July 2012 and this is my favourite song from it, been listening to it for months!

19) Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven

Love this guy! He’s so cool! I think his first album ‘Doo-wops and Hooligans’ was better than ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’, released in December 2012, but I love this song from it!

18) Haim – Don’t Save Me

Making BBC’s Sound of 2013, all girl group Haim were successful with this second single! Hopefully with their album due out this year I’ll get more tracks like this to listen to!

17) James Arthur – Impossible

The X Factor wasn’t the best last year, it’s got to be said but James Arthur was amazing and was always going to win it! He was so good the whole time. I also loved his cover of LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ but I can’t stop listening to this winners single! It will probably go on to be the only winners single I don’t delete from my iPod within a year of buying it!

16) Of Monsters And Men – Mountain Sound

Little Talks was their first and most successful single released from their album ‘My Head Is An Animal’ but Mountain Sound is another brilliant one!

15) The Fray – How To Save A Life

Despite being released in 2005, this song is still featured on all my friends iPods and I’m sure, also their ‘Recently Played’! I didn’t actually realise it’s been 8 years since this song’s been released – it hasn’t got old! It’s downbeat but doesn’t matter. Even if I’m in the happiest mood and it comes on Shuffle, I still can’t skip past it!

14) Busted – Air Hostess

The worst thing that ever happened to the music industry was the separation of Busted. I say this sincerely. I remember being about 6 and listening to their  ‘A Present For Everyone’ album in my room! I still listen to the whole album now! This song was a good one and probably one of the most heard – other favourites are She Wants To Be Me, Crash And Burn and Crash The Wedding!

13) Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

I wouldn’t generally say I am a fan of electronic dance music but this song is really good! I have liked some of their other songs but this one hasn’t got repetitive and boring, making me skip past it on Shuffle!

12) Kanye West Ft. Big Sean and Jay Z – Clique

Very gansta, I know. But really addictive. Love this song and yes, I did buy the album ‘Watch The Throne’. I also urge people to watch the video made by Breakfast Show Host Nick Grimshaw (Grimmy) as he made a video for this and it’s hilarious!

11) McFly – Love Is Easy

The single didn’t do very well when it was released but whenever it’s played it gets everyone singing whether they like it or not! I love this song and I also love this band! I got their album ‘Memory Lane’ for Christmas and it has all their old hits on it too which are so good to listen to now!

10) Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith – Latch

Weird video but addictive song! I love how I got all my friends listening to this too! I genuinely cannot express how much love I have for this song!

9) Frank Ocean – Lost

There isn’t an actual music video for this but I want you to hear it! It’s such a good song!

8) Taylor Swift – Treacherous

Only a preview of the song but I do encourage you to buy her album! It’s cute and very good! This is maybe my most favourite song from it, as well as ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, ‘The Last Time’ and ’22’. Songs from her previous albums are really good too, particularly ‘Mine’ and ‘Mean’! It’s amazing that she’s this successful when she is only 23! And the number of songs she has is so amazing! So much talent there and I can’t wait to hear some material about Harry Styles! 😉

7) One Direction -Kiss You

Speaking of Harry Styles! 😉 I was going to chose another song but it hasn’t been released as a single yet so I chose this song which is also amazing!! The video is also very good! You probably expected me to sneak a One Direction song in here! It’s from their new album Take Me Home which is so much better than their first album Up All Night – AND I’M GOING TO THE TOURRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHH 😀

6) French Soul Party – French Kissing

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this one!! The video is really weird, but the song is amazing! I heard these guys played on Huw Stevens show on Radio 1 and loved it straight away! They have more songs on SoundCloud so please go and search for them! They are so good and I would love for them to be successful one day! They aren’t well known yet but they so should be!!

5) Rihanna Ft. Mikky Ekko – Stay

I don’t usually love Rihanna’s songs as much as this but I can’t stop listening to this one! Also, I’m sure Mikky Ekko is going to go on to be an amazing singer/songwriter!

4) Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures

Slow and acoustic – and lush. I’m getting really into acoustic-y songs, especially ones like this! Loved this one for a while now! I really want this guy to do well, he’s been around for a while and he could because he is so good!

3) Gabrielle Aplin – Please Don’t Say You Love Me

Gabby is amazing!! I’ve seen her live and met her twice and she is so nice as well! In December 2012, she was featured on the Christmas John Lewis advert with the snowmen and a cover of the song ‘The Power Of Love’. She has a brilliant voice and this is her newest single. Her songs from EP’s ‘Never Fade’ and ‘Home’ are also amazing, you should go and listen to them if you like this acoustic/indie folk music! She was also featured on BBC Introducing and her cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ is one of the most viewed videos of BBC Introducing’s YouTube channel. Also, she owns a ferret, how cool is that! 🙂

I look hideous but please ignore that and focus on Gabby!!

2) Jake Bugg – Two Fingers

I got Jake Bugg’s album for Christmas and it’s soooooo good! I love him and this song is my all time favourite! Listen, listen, listen! He’s going to be so big, he’s sort of just starting right now but he’s only 18! (As I’m writing this, his new single ‘Seen It All’ has just been played on Radio 1!)

1) Bastille – Pompeii

This band are amazing! I’ve said this for all the artists I’ve put on this list, but if you listen to one of these songs, let it be this one! Every single they’ve released I’ve loved and I know it won’t take them long them to be as big as The Beatles (for example..)! They were playing at the O2 Academy in Bristol and it didn’t say they were sold out! I got very excited but they were in fact sold out! They whole tour is sold out apart from one venue, so if that’s near you, don’t be stupid! Get your tickets!! I’ll be very jealous.

So there you are! This is my personal chart, my top 20 songs right now and some are my favourite songs always! I hope you enjoy them and become self confessed acoustic, folk, indie song lovers yourselves! Oh how those Gilmore Girls would judge and tease me to no end if I ever met them (or if they were real…).

// Beth

P.S. Also check out Foals and Tom Odell – two artists who wouldn’t fit on my top 20 but are worth looking up on YouTube!!


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