Transition Clinic

Last month I had a clinic appointment at the hospital but instead of just seeing all my normal doctors, nurses and physios, I met their equivalents from the adults hospital. As I’m turning 18 in June this year, it means I’m technically becoming an adult and so I can’t stay in the Children’s Hospital! This is really sad as I’ve known all the people there for pretty much my whole life! They know everything about my medical history and for as long as I can remember, they’ve been treating me! Come June the 29th, I won’t see them again and new people who don’t know me inside out (literally!) will be treating me!

So this clinic appointment and the next will be ‘transition clinics.’ This basically means that I’ll be introduced to my new doctors, the adult physios and CF nurses and I’ll look around the adult clinic centre and the ward which I’ll stay on if I have to have IV’s.

The people I met were actually really nice and friendly, as I expected! Although I did think they’d me more serious and less smiley, as they treat adults not children. I met the Consultant, a physiotherapist and a CF nurse. It’s just going to be so weird not to see my current consultants, all the CF nurses and ward nurses that I see all the time! The ward nurses will probably be the ones I’ll miss most as I won’t ever see them again but my CF nurses might pop over to help at clinics on the adults side. Also, I already know one of the nurses over there as she used to take me shopping when I was an inpatient and too young to leave on my own.

The whole ‘transition’ process has been talked about for a while but only now has it started happening! Before it was just something the future would bring at some point probably, but now it’s real and it’s sad! I shouldn’t like the Children’s Hospital! It has caused me pain and normally, if I’m there, I’m ill! But the people there have made my experiences there better and when I go in as an impatient, sometimes I even look forward to it, just for the social side of seeing the nurses on the ward! At first, it was horrible going in and even now I sometimes take some convincing into a 2 week stay but when I’m there I do enjoy it! Especially as it’s been about 8 years since I started going in and out, I know how to make myself comfortable and the 2 weeks end up flying by!

My regular ward has been changed now though. We’ve been moved onto a completely newly built ward, which is nice but I’ll miss the old place as I’ve stayed there sooo many times! I haven’t seen the new ward but I know it’s more modern and white and clean looking! I think I’ll have to go in between now and June anyway so I will get to see it once at least! Although, I haven’t been in since September which is maybe a record! About 6 months! Wow, actually I’m sure that’s a record for m! I haven’t been told recently but I’m 100% sure I’ll still have Pseudomonas and even with Pseudomonas, I haven’t been admitted! I am coughing now though so I’m not sure I’ll be free for much longer!

At my next appointment I’ll be taken over to the actual adult clinic centre and maybe get to see the regular CF ward as well. The clinic is in a newly built building so I think I’m clear of having to go in the BRI – not the nicest looking building in Bristol, let’s say that!

Moving over should be OK in the end, but right now it’s daunting and I feel sad about everyone I have to leave behind! However, when I go to university (hopefully in September if I get my grades!) I’ll probably have to meet a new bunch of people at a new hospital in a new city! The ‘transition’ will just help to prepare me for meeting new people, which I’ll be doing a lot of this year!

// Beth


P.S. It’s 2 weeks and 6 days until I see One Direction for the first time! 😀 Excitinggggg!!!

ALSO last night my Dad was in Cardiff and was staying in the same hotel as they were!! I’m very jealous and although he didn’t meet them he was sooooo close to them! If he met them, he said he would have got me autographs but I think then I’d be more jealous!!

ALSO, I got both English coursework’s back this week although one of my teachers forgot to mark one of them… He asked to borrow a pencil so I gave him one of my One Direction ones (the one with Niall on) and I got an A! I’m putting it down to the luck of Niall and the pencil! In the other one I got a C but that was the first draft so I can improve that one. Maybe when I hand in the second draft I should give my teacher the same pencil and get her to mark it with that! )

I went to Worcester University last month which I really liked and it’s not too far away either! So it’s between Worcester and Portsmouth, which I’m visiting later this month, then I just have to decide which is my first and second choice!


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