March So Far!

As I think I told you, I went to Worcester last month to look at the University and I really liked it! It was only an hour and a half away from home, with a direct train, accommodation was ok and it was all right next to the university buildings. I didn’t get to see the town much but I’ve read up about it and heard from a friend that it has pretty much everything I’d want!

Then yesterday I went to Portsmouth. Now I’m confused. I’m weighing up their pro’s and con’s and my brain hurts! See, I wasn’t so keep on the city campus that Portsmouth had, although the accommodation (Halls) was close to the university buildings. Some other parts of the university didn’t really convince or persuade me to pick it as my first choice. But then, in the afternoon, I went to a Journalism talk. The lecturer was really nice and quite funny and made the course sound really good. He also emphasised some parts of the course which I didn’t remember Worcester having. This was a pro for Portsmouth but the actual city was its con.

Now I’m stuck. I can see myself at Worcester, living there, learning there and enjoying it.

But, aren’t I ultimately going to university for a degree in order to get a good job? I know the whole independence and social thing is part of it but £9,000 a year is a lot to pay for just that…

So now, I guess I’m choosing between a course or a location. I’ve made a pro and con list and it hasn’t helped! I’ve talked to my friends today and that didn’t help either!

I still have a while to think about it but it’s making my head hurt!!

So this is what’s going on with me right now! I also have a cough, which I think is getting worse but I don’t want to break my 6 months of IV freedom!! 6 months!!

Just thought I’d catch you up and share my confusion! Although, in the end, it’s a decision I have to make!


P.S. I promise there will be some CF related stuff soon! Maybe after my next post as I’ll have a lot to tell you once March is over!! (Wait and see!!!)

P.P.S. I GOT AN A IN PSYCHOLOGY!! This is the exam I took in January and am soooooo happy!! Although I can’t get an A overall in the subject unless I get 99% in the next exam…OH WELL! So happy with it though!!


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