Music March!

March was a very very exciting month for me! Well, one week of it was! The final week of March was the first week of my Easter Holidays and also a busy week for live music!!

Saturday: The 23rd of March 2013


This day I’ve been counting down to for more that a year. This was the day I finally got to see ONE DIRECTION WOOOOOO. My very organised friend Kim tried to get us tickets last year but unfortunately they had sold out! 😦 THEN, it was announced that they were adding a few extra dates and we managed to get some tickets for this one!! It was up in Birmingham which is a little bit of a travel from Bristol but in the end wasn’t too bad. We took a coach there and back but we were a bit concerned as in Birmingham it had been snowing!! Luckily, this didn’t slow us down or affect us (although most of us hadn’t work appropriate shoes..). We went to a ‘matinee’ performance and it was very very exciting!


It was one of the most exciting days of my life and they just as good as I knew they would be!! We weren’t very close to them though, we were at the side, fairly near the back, probably just before it started to curve round. I had tried to not watch any videos from their previous dates but I had seen from many photos that they were going to go onto a platform which brought them above the crowd and nearer the back!


It was amazinggggggggggg and by some magical miracle, I didn’t lose my voice although it was a bit croaky for a few hours afterwards!


Their support act were also amazing, their name is 5 Seconds of Summer and they are an Australian band, of whos music I am now obsessed with too!

It was amazing and a day I had been looking forward to for longer than a year!! I would upload a video or two if they hadn’t been ruined with me singing which you can hear quite clearly… sorry to disappoint you!

Unfortunately, they didn’t see me waving at them so I didn’t get a wave or anything but it was amazing to see them in real life! This sounds ridiculous but I’m going to go ahead and say it – it made them see real! Haha, I mean that before seeing them live, they are these ‘celebrities’ who are in the public eye all the time and everyone knows who they are. But seeing them live showed me how, actually, they are still these normal teenage boys but they now have these crazy careers! (Not that I didn’t think they were teenage boys..) They aren’t a figment of my imagination or a boyband who have been 90% made up by the media, they were actually real!


Tuesday: The 26th of March 2013


On this night, two of the same friends who went to 1D, another and me went to Bath to see Gabrielle Aplin. As you might know if you’ve read my blog, I have seen her before. She is amazing live and if you don’t know who she is, look up the Christmas 2012 John Lewis advert with the snowmen! Gabrielle was playing in Bristol on the 23rd of March when were in Birmingham seeing One Direction but luckily she added a hometown tour date, as she is from Bath, and we could go and see her!

For this one, just like the other two, we did get to the front! We always seem to although we don’t get there ridiculously early! We were waiting outside for around an hour maybe and you can actually spot us in her tour diary from this date! (At 1:48 we are on the left! You can spot my friend in a wheelchair!)

I have lots of photos of Gabrielle from the previous two dates we’ve been to so I didn’t take any this time!

There was a point in the gig when they had some technical difficulties, but this meant that we had the chance to hear Tom (one of her band/backing singers/awesome person) using his King Julian from Madagascar voice! It was funny and I’m sort of glad they had those technical problems as we got to see Gabrielle and her band be more interactive then with us!

Wednesday: The 27th of March


If you don’t know who this band are, you should be ashamed of yourself and go to YouTube RIGHT NOW (or preferably after reading this post..or come back after listening to their songs, promise?)

Closer than Birmingham and Bath, we went to the O2 Academy in Bristol to see these guys and they were absolutely AMAZING. They were playing at a little venue like this as they aren’t very ‘big’ when they booked this tour. Now they would be able to sell out the )2 in London easily, I reckon. As my friend was in a wheelchair, we got to go in first and have a reserved place right in front of a barrier so we were guaranteed to be able to see (a benefit for me as I’m pretty short…)

Their support band were called ‘To Kill A King’ and they were good but they got Bastille out to sing a song with them which was very exciting! Then Bastille got them out to sing his hit ‘Pompeii’ which was amazing too!

The whole band were amazing and it was more impressive because they all could play more than one thing, so the drummer, pianist/everything guy and guitarist all seemed to do something else aswell. Dan, who is the main singer guy, played the piano and drummed a bit too and it didn’t affect his vocals at all. Listening to the album and then to him live, there was no difference! He was amazing and it was sweet when he tried to talk to us because he got all awkward and was just like ‘I’m just going to play you the song..’.


The people on the ground floor were hilarious and full of energy which was amazing to watch! They were jumping, fist pumping and clapping the whole time!

When he ‘finished’, they band left the stage and everyone started chanting ‘We want Flaws’ which was his first hit and one he hadn’t sang and then they all came back out and sang two more songs (including Flaws!) For Pompeii and Flaws the whole crowd was singing along to every word and it was probably the liveliest gig I’ve ever been to! (Gabrielle Aplin isn’t really a jumping/fist pumping gig and a lot of the crowd for One Direction were about 10 years old!) For his final song he came into the crowd aswell, going up these steps that were on both sides of the venue and hung over the edge singing and it was amazing!

If it’s possible, I would go again but I don’t know how easy it would be to get tickets as they are going to get crazy big!


So, this was the story of my week and it was one of the best weeks ever!! I can’t wait to see One Direction again and I think it might be even better this time!! 😀


// Beth


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