Let’s have a Catch Up!

Firstly, I’m so sorry it’s been so long, if there even are any regular readers.

Secondly, I am free now so there is no excuse for me not to post regularly! My next post will be sooner than a month or two away.

So, the last time I wrote, I was about to start my final A Level exams! I’ve finished them now, as of the 17th of June but I don’t know how I did yet, I won’t know until the middle of August but I did as well as I could and I hope all the hard work pays off! It was a final two weeks of non-stop, solid revision which made my brain hurt, especially leading up to that last exam for which I had to learn five 600 word essays off by heart on top of another two topics! The day of my last exam was sunny and I was walking home smiling to myself! I could relax knowing I didn’t need to be doing anything important!

So I have finished school now! I won’t be going back to a school I’ve spent seven years learning at! (Unless I need to retake any exams of course but I’m trying not to think of that!)

My last day was a bit of an anticlimax though. Ofsted decided to visit us on what was our last two days of school which meant we couldn’t do what the Sixth Former’s would normally do (normally involving interrupting lower year classes and taking part in a ‘verses’ between two groups of Sixth Formers.) We had to go to normal lessons where instead of celebrating freedom we had to learn/revise in case Ofsted came in, then on our way to the pub at the end of our day it was raining. It was exciting leading up to the day because we thought it would be so much fun but it wasn’t and it wasn’t emotional, sad or anything really!

So that’s education covered! Now onto my CF!

I had my last appointment with the children’s team a few weeks ago! I’m an adult now so I’ve moved over to the adults! I haven’t had my first appointment yet but it should be sometime this month I think. I don’t feel too sad about that either, it just feels weird that people who know literally everything about my health won’t be treating me anymore! Also, as the adult and children’s hospitals are right next to each other in Bristol, it feels like I’m not far away and hopefully I’ll bump into them now and then!

My health isn’t too great right now, I have a cough and my lung function was down a bit at the last appointment but it’s a difficult time to get me in for IV’s right now with holidays and results day and things. I think I’ll have to go in before I (hopefully) go to university to make sure I start the term with the best health I can. I got some new antibiotics which I think are helping with it though. I’m also trying a new nebuliser, called the ‘podhaler’, instead of nebulising Promixin. It is a lot faster and less effort so I like it so far! (The taste is the only downfall!)

I can’t believe I haven’t told you about One Direction #2 yet, it feels like so long ago! It was so long ago! It was the 20th of April and it was probably the best day ever! It was better than the Birmingham one as we went up the night before and stayed at a Youth Hostel which was fun! It was also warm and sunny, unlike the first time when it was snowing! As it was the last date on the tour, both 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction were messing around and it made it different to the other concerts and it was really funny! Louis and Zayn came out during 5SOS’ set, sweeping and dusting! And One Direction were throwing flour and sugar and fruit at their band and 5SOS came out during their set with One Direction masks on! It was the best thing ever! I think I also enjoyed it more because by that time I’d become a huge fan of 5SOS and was so excited to see them too! There’s a lack of pictures because I didn’t want to stop watching them to get my camera out and turn it on! And we didn’t bump into either of them! 😦 We were about 10 minutes too late to bump into Niall and it was very annoying! But the concert was amazing so it turned out okay!





Then, on the 29th of June, I turned 18! That was only a few days ago and I think I’m still recovering from the night today! It was a really good day and now I am an actual adult!

I think I’ve caught you up on everything now!? I’m going on holiday in 12 days for two weeks so my next post will maybe be in the last week of July? I’ll try to keep to my promise!


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