University, Hospital and Gromits!

Last week I got my A Level results! As you might know, I did English Language, Psychology and Sociology and I needed CCC to get into the university I wanted (Worcester).

*Drumroll*……I got BBC! B’s in English and Psychology and a C in Sociology (which is bugging me!) So I was happy I got in! But wished I had straight B’s! It doesn’t matter now though because in the end, I’ve got into university! All my friends got into their uni’s too which is amazing but also sad at the same time! We are all going to different places and things are just going to be so different!

So I’m going to Worcester to study English Language and Journalism! I start on the 16th of September which is only 3 weeks away! 

So recently I’ve just been working and trying to get ready for university, getting all the towels, bedding, cutlery, crockery etc. that I’ll need! I also had great fun getting rid of 6 folders full of A Level work! 

I can’t really imagine what it’s going to be like a month from now! I’ll be with all new people, in a new town and a new house! I’ll update you all on what it’s like and hopefully I’ll write more because I will have more to write about!


As I turned 18 about 2 months ago, I’m now officially under the adult care at the hospital. I’ve had my first appointment which was a bit different to the children’s! There was a lot less emphasis on my lung function and lots of medication got changed! I’m planned to go back for an appointment before I go off to Worcester and they are trying to get me to plan going in as an inpatient in October – which I’m reluctant to do! When I go to university I am staying with the care in Bristol but this means I will miss time if I have to go in and I don’t want to start of uni by missing it! We’ll see how it goes…


And this is just a random update for you! If you aren’t from Bristol you might not know about the Gromit trail. Basically there are 80 Gromits around Bristol (although 1 is in London Paddington – unsure why…) and people an take part in finding them. There are several trails or you can go around yourself finding them! It is a charity thing to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital and it’s in association with Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal. After several weeks, all the 5ft Gromits will be auctioned off and the money goes to the hospital! My friends and I went around Bristol last week and found 46 of them! We walked for around 5 hours, walking to and from Clifton and the Suspension Bridge to Cabot Circus and Bristol Temple Meads Station! There was a similar event last year when Gorillas were placed around the city to raise money for Bristol Zoo I believe! We live in Bristol but walking around it made us realise how cool it can be!




I expect the next post to be about university! I’ll tell you all about moving in!

// Beth


One thought on “University, Hospital and Gromits!


    Hello Beth
    I was just searching for the hospital logo when I came across the picture from your blog…. How bazaar

    I ended up reading your blog and can’t remember why I wanted the logo now….

    Good luck and great blog Curtis

    PS why a background of new york?

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