So…I lied. I said I’d update more often, hopefully every month but I haven’t, sorry! In my defense, I just started university so I have been a bit busy! But that’s a bad excuse because it’s been about 3 months since I last posted..

So I am here! I’m at uni and I’m really settled. I settled quite quickly and I think it’s because of all the hospital stays that I’ve had! I’m used to staying somewhere else and the rooms are quite similar as well.

My flatmates are awesome! At first it was awkward because no-one knew each other and we were going out for freshers with what were complete strangers. Now we are genuinely friends and have had so much fun already! (Here’s a few of us on Halloween!) 


It’s strange because I thought about coming to uni for so long and now I’m here and have been here for 2 months and we are a few weeks away from semester 2! It feels like so long ago when I moved in and it felt so normal once I was here! I’m going to be sad when we have to move out of halls at the end of the year though! Even though upstairs can be loud and there was one time when we had no hot water, it is fun and I think it’s all part of the uni experience!

I am in a flat with 5 other girls, all older than me! Well, two are in my year but I’m the baby, as always! My friend from school is also here and I think that helped me when I moved in as I knew someone from home was here if I began to miss it. 

The day I left home was strange. I didn’t cry but once all my things were packed in the car, I sat in my room at looked at it being empty. As I was getting everything I needed for uni, it was getting messier and I had saucepans and bedding stacked up on one side so once it was all taken out, my room looked so empty! I went on the same day as a few of my friends and we had a nice time at the pub to say goodbye the night before.

Then we had freshers and introductions to our subjects and lecturers for the week and the week after lectures started! I had to get used to having one lecture and seminar a week for each module as I’ve come straight from school where we have the same subject about 4 times a week. Also at the beginning I had no assignments so I had no work to do outside of my lecture so it was strange, I didn’t know what to do with my time! 

Now I’ve had 3 assessments and have just be set another so I am focused on them now! 

My favourite part of my course is Journalism at the moment. English is boring and I sort of wish I didn’t do it. Especially because next term I will have 3 English modules and only 1 Journalism! I think I’ll hate next term…

During the Reading Weeks, my uni does activities for different subjects and on the last one we had a Newsday for Journalism. That was good as we produced a radio story which included an actual phone interview that we did. It was a good experience and now we sort of know how to make basic radio stories!

In the next Reading Week I am going home for a week as I haven’t been home yet! I’m going home and I’m going to watch stereotypical American TV shows all day on E4! (Which I can’t do here as I don’t have a TV Licence!) Then I’m coming back for a few weeks before I go home again for Christmas! 

So there’s an update for you! Thanks for reading! You’ll probably get another update around Christmas or later…we’ll see how useless I get at updating!

// Beth


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