Happy New Year and all that…

Hi, hi, hi, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year blah blah blah…

I’m at uni now, with one more week of this semester before we have a break and start semester two in February.

Christmas seemed like ages ago now and it’s only January! I went home for three weeks over Christmas and New Years, which was really nice because all my friends were home too! When I went home for a week in October it felt really strange being there, I felt like a guest at home and only 1 of my friends was around. This time it felt normal and it was almost as if I’d never left! Everyone was back so we kept meeting up and the three weeks flew by so fast! When I had to come back to uni I almost didn’t want to! (Whereas the time before I couldn’t wait to come back!)

I can’t wait for this year though because I have some amazing music concerts lined up! Firstly is 5 Seconds of Summer, who I saw supporting One Direction last year and now I’m seeing them again yay! Then MCBUSTED in May! This is pretty much a dream because I always used to talk about Busted getting back together with my friend and now they kind of are! And we can see them performing Busted songs and McFly songs together! I think I might be most excited for this one even though the third is One Direction! 😀 At Wembley in June… I am excited about this too, especially because their new album is so good! Can’t wait to see these live! 😀

As for uni, I’m not looking forward to semester two…I have more English Language modules than Journalism which sucks because I don’t enjoy the English part. I think I can drop English though at the end of this year so I just need to get through this next semester!

I went to the hospital for an appointment over Christmas and they want me to go in, which I don’t want! I don’t feel like I need to so I keep refusing while they keep suggesting it! I don’t want to miss uni and I have lots of time in the summer so I can go in then. I don’t want to ruin my long record of not being in! It’s been a year and four months and I haven’t been in! 😀 This is so good and I don’t want to ruin it before I feel like I have to!

Anyway, didn’t really know what to write about! But this is all that’s happening right now really! Oh and I am a new Sherlock fan and I LOVE IT…

// Beth


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