You might know that the UK is facing some extreme weather right now, storms, winds, rain and lots and lots of flooding!

The city I’m in is one of the many that have been affected by flooding in the past week. The River Severn runs through Worcester and on Sunday it burst its banks, meaning water has reached the roads running alongside it. The race course is flooded for the third time this season as well is the cricket club!



Half of Worcester has been cut off from the other as the Sabrina foot bridge over the Severn had to be closed due to damage to it’s structure. The main bridge has also been closed and reopened a multiple times! 

Yesterday all lectures were cancelled as lecturers wouldn’t be able to get in to teach. Many lectures have had to be cancelled or rescheduled as access to the University Arena and Riverside has been cut off.


Yesterday the Army were brought into the city to provide extra support and help to those who have been affected by the flood and those who have even had to evacuate their homes. 

Today we have had more storms including very heavy rain which can only mean this flood isn’t going away very soon! It’s reached 5.67m, an even higher level than the record breaking flood of 2007 (which only reached 5.64m)! 

At first it was exciting as a lot of us aren’t used to flooding like this! So the first few days it was exciting to see although now it has become a pain for everyone! Many students might be happy about cancelled lectures but being cut off from the town is very unhelpful! Worcester City Council are doing what they can, they’ve even provided shuttle buses to take people across the bridge which is shut off to other vehicles, so there is one route into the town! But this is limited, only running between certain hours, not great for partying students! 

As the river was set to reach even higher levels today, I don’t know how long it will be until Worcester can return to normality!


(Pictures are mine from the 13th of February)


// Beth




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