The People You Meet At Uni

It’s an obvious fact that at university you will meet a lot of new people. At first you go with an open mind; everyone has the potential to be your friend. You’re blinded by the idea that all these new people from all over the country will be your best friends. But as your first year passes (really fast by the way), you come to realise that maybe not everyone at uni can be your new best friend.

Everyone you meet falls into groups and these are some based om my experience at uni so far:

The ones who get to know you too well: you will have some good nights at uni and you will have some bad nights at uni. On the bad nights you might end up relying on people , perhaps a bit too much. They might have to look after you and during this time they might get to know you a bit more than they thought you would.

The ones you get to know too well: sometimes the roles will be reversed and you end up being someones support for the night. During this time you might be see things and hear things that this person didn’t quite want you to know… You might say now that you don’t want to be that person that people rely on, but at some point you might be the only responsible one there.

The ones you get along with straight away: you might end up meeting someone who is everything you look for in a friend; shares your sense of humour, likes the things you do, understands you and is just there when you need them to be. Some people you meet you will just get on with straight away and you know you will be friends for a really long time.

The ones you wish you never met: some people you realise haven’t grown up since they left school. These are the people you wish you never met. There are some real idiots here, just to warn you future students that they do still exist, even in this environment.

The ones that you will never meet: uni is busy and there will just be people that you never cross paths with. Which is really strange because if you think about someone from somewhere going to the same uni as you, the thought crosses you might that ‘oh I might meet them’ but actually you can go through your three years of uni without meeting so many people. And then there are those that you see but never formally meet; you never know their name or what course they study but you see them all the time, you walk past them or see them somewhere waiting through the whole year but you never know who they are.

The ones you meet once and never again: there are lots of people at uni, no matter what uni you go to. You’ve got your year and don’t forget you have all the years above you too. So when you meet a friend of a friend or just start talking to a randomer one day, don’t be upset if you never see them again in your life. This has happened more than a handful of times for me, I’ve learnt someones name and face and then I’ve never seen them again.


There are definitely more groups that people fall into but these are the main ones that I’ve experienced so far! For those reading who are on their way to uni, now you know how not everyone you meet will be a best friend for life. You will encounter those people you never want to see again and those who you don’t remember meeting in the first place. I hope you’re looking forward to it!


// Beth


3 thoughts on “The People You Meet At Uni

  1. These kinds of social situations just scare me rather than get me excited to go to uni, although I’m glad you haven’t made loads of new best friends, stayyyy withhhh meeeeee! 😉

  2. camilla

    It’s 22 years since I started at Uni but I will never forget that first week! and the 3 years you spend working it all out. I married the man I met at the interviews, best decision I ever made. Saved so much hassle.

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