How I FINALLY Met Your Mother (The Finale)


This week we joined Ted and the gang for the last of their legendary stories before we got to meet the mother. For nine years we’ve watched as he’s recalled stories of Slapbets, Interventions and Doppelgangers to his future children, all the time revealing how his path crossed with the woman of his dreams. We also got to watch as Lily and Marshall got married and started a family, Robin became the famous journalist she always wanted to be and Barney, who after years of sleeping with endless amounts of women, finally committed to just one.

The show was living up to one of its quotes – it was LEGENDARY. Then they made the final season and the finale. Everything they built up throughout the whole show, including all the character development they created and the possibility of the greatest fictional love story, it was all torn down in that finale. The whole story of how Ted met the Mother suddenly became pointless along with the whole nine years of the show; POINTLESS. It is being argued that it is the worst finale of a TV show ever.

The ninth season was all based around Barney and Robin’s wedding and the hours leading up to it. In this time we got to see how the Mother, played by Cristin Milioti, individually met Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney before finally, meeting Ted. So you’d think 5 episodes, one for each meeting. No. 24. 24 all about the wedding. Each episode was based a certain number of hours before the wedding which could have worked if they hadn’t dragged that out for the whole season.

After the wedding the show sped up and crammed years into less than 40 minutes. Ted’s life with the mother, including their marriage and children, was shown as a photo montage which lasted about 1 minute. Then the show moved on to something else, which made the whole ‘Mother’ thing seem completely unimportant. The mum character was completely overlooked as the show moved on to focus on something else! The Mother (whose name does not suit her by the way) was the whole meaning of the show but they actually killed her off within a few minutes of her fulfilling her character’s purpose. We were tricked into thinking she was one of the main characters in this story but the ending actually made her a minor character in what was a much wider plot.

For an audience who have stuck with the show for the whole 9 years, waiting all that time to get to the moment where Ted finally meets the mother and expecting a big, happy finale, I think there should have been a lot more footage of their life together. It would have made the finale a lot more satisfying to have proof that Ted finally got the happily ever after that he always wanted and that the mother really was ‘the one’.

By the end of series 9, I began to dislike Robin’s character. She fell off the radar with the group, she left and didn’t contact them for a long time, after 9 years of being best friends and seeing each other all the time. For Lily and Marshall the ending was happy enough. They carried on with their lives and were a happy family by the end of it. The ending was weird for Barney, not really what I expected but I was’t overly unimpressed with it. It gave us an idea of what his future will be like so his story wasn’t left unfinished.

For me, the series should have ended with the mother walking into the room and joking about how Ted is still telling that story and then saving her kids from listening to anymore. It would have been a nice, happy ending and shown the relationship between the mother and Ted and the mother and her children and it would have been a much more satisfying ending than the one we got!

I’m sorry if this ruined the ending for you! But I did warn you that there was spoilers… Also, sorry it’s a bit late but every time I tried to write this I ended up rambling A LOT and there was just no organisation to it; I had a lot of feelings about this finale! I don’t think I’ll watch these last few episodes again, just because I was so unhappy with the ending! (Unlike Friends which had a happy ending, but I can’t watch those last episodes because it just gets too emotional!)


// Beth


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