I’m coming to the end of my first year of university already! All the lectures and assignments are finished! My last job is to hand in my last essay but once I do that (tomorrow) I am free! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone but I’ve had so much fun and met lots of people that I can’t imagine being away from for three months! I will be sad to leave the flat and move out of halls although I am excited to live in an actual house with my new friends next year! There are so many memories in this flat now though and it’s strange to think next year it will be filled with new people making new memories! 

I think I’m leaving at the end of the week and moving back home for the summer where I have some concerts lined up! Apart from them, there’s not much else happening. I’m not going on holiday, which is a shame but I’m going to Florida next year so I’ll just have to wait for that! I’ll be going back to my part time job but I’m also trying to get some work experience set up! It’s stressful writing a CV and covering letters! Hopefully I find something soon! 

In the next few weeks I’ll hopefully be posting an interview with the director of a short film! This is the first time I’ve will have done something like this so keep an eye out for that post! 

// Beth


2 thoughts on “Update!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! It’s always lovely to hear people are reading my blog and are enjoying it! I’ve given your blog a follow! Your recent post about university was especially interesting! xx

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