McBusted Concert Review

On Tuesday this week I fulfilled my childhood dreams and saw Busted reunite and perform their hits on stage along with McFly.

After buying tickets in November, I’ve been excitedly waiting for the moment Busted appear on stage and I can sing along to Air Hostess live. But I haven’t just been waiting 6 months for it, I’ve been waiting 8 years.

I don’t remember how I got into Busted all those years ago but I remember having their self-titled album playing a lot in my portable CD player (which wasn’t very portable at all). Through the years I’ve continued to listen to them, along with my friend, on the way to school and always wishing they didn’t break up so we could see them live. Every time I hear Year 3000 all I think is maybe if Busted had stayed together they would have gone multi-platinum on their 7th album.

So when the news of the McBusted Supergroup came out I was desperate to get tickets! Busted were getting back together (albeit without frontman Charlie Simpson)! Not only that, they were joining McFly, another band I’ve been a fan of for years! (I did suffer initial devastation when I didn’t get tickets from the first release but thankfully they added extra dates and my attempts at getting tickets were successful the second time around.)

This tour was a huge thing for everyone in my generation who grew up listening to Busted and who all felt the sadness when they broke up. I expected amazing things from this tour and McBusted did not disappoint!

I watched the ITV show ‘Fearne and McBusted’ before I went to the tour so I knew a few things already and also heard a lot of things through Twitter! But this didn’t ruin anything for me as I still couldn’t get over the fact I was finally getting to see Busted!

The concert began with a video of the Busted break-up press conference where Charlie released the bad news. After James and Matt got into a Back To The Future car and travelled to now, and the McBusted tour. Then the car came onto the stage and the doors opened and out stepped Busted, as they are now, James and Matt! It was just such a moment! James and Matt, back together and on stage! That was probably the best moment of the whole concert because it was the moment everyone’s been waiting for for so long! Then McFly popped out the stage floor with their individual pop-punk jumps and McBusted started off their setlist with the Busted favourite, Air Hostess.

Right in front of the stage was the OMFG zone, where the tickets were a lot more expensive but their concert experience must have been insane. They were within reach of McBusted when the group leant down to high five them and let the fans touch their guitars and sing into their microphones. They also got their plectrums as they threw them into that crowd when they were done with them! There was one fan that even kissed Danny’s cheek! I am pretty jealous of the fans in that zone, that experience must have been incredible; “I got to play James Bourne’s guitar” – talk about a claim to fame!

We also had Tom playing Harry’s drums, Harry playing a Christmas song on guitar, Dougie singing Titanic while the band acted out the famous pose and James, Harry and Matt playing some t-shirt tennis (lucky fans at the back got to keep some t-shirts they hit out to them)!

James singing Smelly Cat (from Friends) was another favourite moment of mine, as well as the choreography which accompanied the cover of Michael Jackson’s I Want You Back!

[Not from my concert, but it’s a good video of their dancing!]

Another video came up on the big screen which replicated Tom’s Wedding Speech. But in this video the screen next to Tom was being interfered with by James and Matt booing him and pretending to fall asleep, which was hilarious. This introduced the Busted song Crashed The Wedding where the supergroup came back onstage with Matt was wearing a long white wedding gown.

[Here is Tom’s Wedding Speech for those who haven’t seen it! They only played a short clip of it at the concert though!]

For Shine A Light, the McFly hit, a big ‘MCBUSTED’ sign, outlined in fire lit up behind Harry, which was amazing but made the Arena a lot hotter than it already was! Our seats were at the side though so I didn’t get a good picture of it but here’s a good one I found elsewhere!

McBusted fire sign



The last song was the great, great, great Year 3000 (do you see what I did there..?) The perfect song to end on of course as it is the most well known and popular Busted song EVER.

Just seeing them all enjoying themselves so much throughout the concert and seeing James and Matt back together and performing again was amazing. Then the concert (unfortunately) ended and they played each other off as they individually jumped behind the stage somewhere. But they did leave us with the message ‘To Be Continued…’ on the big screens. It’s been confirmed there will be McBusted song writing time so a McBusted album in the future which hopefully will be followed my another tour!? I’m hoping! Although I’m not sure it could beat this tour and the first return of Busted but I’m so happy that they are going to keep working together and keep the phenomenon of McBusted going a bit longer!

For now though I am left with my playlist of McFly and Busted songs which has been on repeat ever since that amazing night! Oh yeah and my Twitter follow from James Bourne himself which happened the morning after my concert… 😀 After seeing them, I definitely love them all more than I did before, if that’s possible!

// Beth

[McBusted Picture Source]
[Mcusted Fire Sign Picture Source]


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