Organ Donation

This week (7-13th July) is National Transplant Week and the world has taken to social media to join in with the campaign. #SpellItOut encourages people to spell out their decision about organ donation in a creative way and upload the picture to the website or another social media site. The idea is to make the … Continue reading Organ Donation

Harry Potter is back!

JK Rowling must have felt it was about time that Potterheads (including myself) got a little bit of new Harry Potter content. An article was uploaded to Pottermore, the online Harry Potter experience, on Tuesday. It was quickly picked up by fans and news outlets, and within hours #HarryPotterIsBack had began trending on Twitter. (This … Continue reading Harry Potter is back!

Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’

 'X' (or 'Multiply') is the highly anticipated second album by singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Writing a follow-up album, which would match the standards of his brilliant debut '+'/'Plus', promised to be a difficult task, but Ed has managed to do just that. The new album was worth the three year wait; it seems that Ed took that … Continue reading Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’