The Summer of a Student

Once you’ve overcome the shock that your first year of university is over already and you’ve found the motivation to pack up the entirety of your room, it’s time to head back home for the longest summer you’ve ever had. You’re full of relief that all the final exams and assignments are done and handed in and also sad that you’re leaving halls, where you’ve undoubtedly had some of the best times of your life but you’re still looking forward to a nice, long, relaxing summer where you have nothing to do.


But, after the long first week back at home, you’ll soon realise the summer won’t be as simply relaxing as you previously anticipated!

Here’s just some of the stages of summer that I’ve experienced and I know that I’m not alone!

  • Being at home means less responsibility, you can sit back and not worry about cooking or cleaning or clothes washing for a while! But after a week, the novelty of having you home for summer will wear off and your parents will quickly have you ‘making yourself useful’ and completing a list of chores for them. I’m back on dishwasher duty and have also had to quickly fulfill my role as babysitter to my younger siblings again!
  • The excitement will quickly turn into boredom as you realise not everyone is back yet and those who are, may not even be free. Instead of spending your days with your friends in the sun as you expected, you find yourself sat inside waiting for the moment your friends finish college or work or to return home from uni. And you can’t even find a way to fill your time alone as that ‘To-Do List’ which was always lengthy during term time is now blank (apart from dishwasher duty of course).
  • It’s about this time when you start to miss uni. The thing with living at university is that there was always someone around. There are about 5 other people in the flat for you to go and find and that’s not including the others in your building or your course friends. At home I’ve noticed myself thinking ‘We’d be getting ready to go out right now if we were still at uni’ and even ‘I wouldn’t even be up right now if I was still at uni’.
  • IMG_5886Then you start running out of money so head back to work, kissing goodbye to that relaxing summer you were dreaming about! Instead you’re now stuck inside with just the view of those outside enjoying the sun!
  • It’s not just the lifestyle of uni that I find myself missing; I’ve found myself counting the weeks since I last drank alcohol or went on a night out. It’s such a regular occurrence at uni and so easy to do but, for me when I’m at home, there’s a lot more effort involved in a night out. You have to find those who can go, find the transport to get there and back and you need a lot more money than on a standard uni night out.
  • Then there’s the family frustration stage. You begin to notice all those annoying habits that your family members have, some of the reasons you were so excited to move away in the first place – the nagging dad, the annoying sister etc. You miss uni even more, where there was no one to nag you or tell you to go to bed earlier and stop making so much noise and no younger siblings to wake you up in the morning when they’re getting ready for school. Even if you had that one nagging flatmate, after being back at home with your family, they suddenly won’t seem so bad anymore!


So, missing flatmates and friends and the fun of uni means you can’t wait to go back. I know I’m counting down the days until I can and am looking forward to starting the fun all over again!  Just 63 more days to go!


// Beth


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