Divergent – Film Comparison (Pt.2)

So, recently I did a review of Divergent – the first book in the new, popular trilogy written by Veronica Roth. Although it wasn’t a brilliant book to begin with, it did manage to capture my attention and interest enough for me to read the next ones! I’m currently halfway through the final book of the trilogy, which is called Allegiant, and I have to admit, it’s got really good!

Once I finished the first book, I had to see the film! I got together with my other friends who have read the books to watch it, so I also have their opinions!

Firstly, the casting seemed pretty good. Theo James who plays Four was perfect for that part, as well as the actors who portrayed Eric, Marcus, Al and Peter. Shailene Woodley is a brilliant actress – in this film as well as The Fault in Our Stars which was released earlier this year, but the character of Tris isn’t meant to be that pretty! The book never describes her a particularly pretty and it can’t be helped that Shailene is, but in some scenes it’s noticeable that she’s wearing make up. Just minor details which I suppose aren’t particularly important! Also, I guess Four is more attractive than the book describes but I’m not seeing that as a problem!

One thing about the casting which I’m unsure about is having Ansel Elgort play Caleb, Beatrice’s brother. In their previous film (TFiOS), in which they acted together, they played a boyfriend and girlfriend. This film was highly anticipated and extremely popular on its release. As their first major acting roles in such a critically acclaimed film, this is what they are known for as they’ve gone into this Divergent Trilogy. Not that it would have been better for Ansel not to get the job, but it’s a strange way to see the two actors together when they were brilliant as the teenage couple in The Fault in Our Stars.

After watching the film, my friends did say they had imagined the city to look differently and certain sets not to look as modern – the room used for the Choosing Ceremony for example. Although, throughout the book I did sometimes find it hard to imagine the places being described so I hadn’t really developed an image of them for myself. The Abnegation and Dauntless area of the city though, were as I could imagine them – Abnegation being basic and grey and Dauntless being dark and cave-like.

The portrayal of the events which take place in the book are pretty much scene for scene. The writers, directors and crew behind this film have done a brilliant job. I don’t think a fan of the Divergent book series could be disappointed with this movie adaptation. Every important aspect of the book has been included, as well as more unimportant aspects. In fact, the parts they omitted came as a relief (a certain eye incident for example – a body part which freaks me out in any situation) – although this did mean we never met the character of Edward. I’m sure he will be introduced in the future though, for his parts in Insurgent and Allegiant, and if they do, I can only hope they still leave the eye bit out!

So far this trilogy is shaping up to be quite a competitor against The Hunger Games! I’m close to finishing the books and can’t wait to see Insurgent in the cinema early next year!


// Beth


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