Last night, my housemates and I went to our first ever basketball game! Worcester Wolves were playing Cheshire Phoenix at our University Arena and for a bunch of people who are generally uninterested in sports, it was actually a good night! (I’m still disappointed the Cheshire Phoenix aren’t called the Cheshire Cats though!)

basketball1As well as entertainment, partly provided by the Worcester Wolves mascot ‘Wolfie’, we think we learnt so much about basketball! We went in there knowing nothing but came out knowing a few rules that we’d worked out! We worked out why the points were going up in randoms numbers, what the number that was going down meant and that the numbers down the side of the board were the players numbers! This might sound stupid but it was a self learning achievement for a group of people who know nothing about sports!

We had so much fun cheering on the Worcester Wolves and judging the abilities of each player! I think we’re now qualified enough to pick out the best – inthis game, 34 of the Worcester Wolves was brilliant! He was always there to tap the ball in to the hoop if another player overshot it! At 6’10”, he was a very useful player! ;D

The atmosphere in the arena was great as well, with the crowd always cheering the Wolves but taunting Cheshire Phoenix when they were shooting! In the end, Worcester won 83 – 67! We’ll definitely go to another game in the future and who knows, we might even become huge fans who know all the rules of basketball…


Fresher’s is over now and formal lectures and seminars have started! Even after two weeks, the work is already piling up! I went out 7 of the 9 nights in Freshers and it was a tiring but fun week – even if it’s left a few of us suffering from fresher’s illnesses! Lectures have been more enjoyable this year as I switched from joint Journalism and English Language to single honours Journalism. I prefer it so much more and even some lectures that weren’t great last year hare way better now! We’ve had a couple of guest speakers in for Feature Writing already and they were great, full of amazing stories that I can only hope I have to tell one day!

We’re adapting to life in a house, rather than university halls and in many ways it’s better! We actually get on with our neighbours and don’t have to worry about being too loud as they are all students living around us!

We’re also starting up our own society – a Harry Potter society! I’ve also joined our university Newspaper so that’s even more writing I’m doing!

So there’s an update on uni again, I think that’s all that’s really been happening so far!


// Beth


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