Harry Potter Book Ranking!

I’m on a bit of Harry Potter hype today as I was reading all the Buzzfeed lists about it this morning. They ranked the HP books here – Buzzfeed – but not sure I agree! It’s a question we always ask each other and it probably changes each time but I think my ranking would go like this:

7. Philosopher’s Stone – I know they have to set up the whole world and the background but it’s really short and all I think is why would 3 first year students in a new school feel it’s okay to try and save a stone that has nothing to do with them!? 

6. Chamber of Secrets – Better, but still short and still setting things up for later on – like Aragog. Plus, I know it’s magic but a diary conducted the whole thing. Strange. Love Moaning Myrtle though and Lockhart provides a lot of comedy in it, something great about HP – that although it’s all pretty serious and scary for the boy wizard, there’s still funny parts.

5. Order of the Phoenix – The biggest book and one of the saddest. Sirius Black dies and I HATE that. He’s my favourite character and he doesn’t get enough time with Harry! Plus, Harry’s in a strop for practically all of it which means there’s a bit less humour in it. But, Luna comes into it and she’s brill.

4. Goblet of Fire – Okay, so a lot happens in this one but it’s just not a favourite. To be honest, it kind of scared me – the maze part especially – and I think that’s why it’s not in my top 3. It’s when it all starts to get serious. It’s still really good though and introduces a lot of new characters and you get to know the House Elves a lot more and I love that!

3. Prisoner of Azkaban – Sirius Black! Although you think he’s a bag guy and a murderer through out the whole thing, he’s actually amazing and my favourite character. Also Lupin is lovely too and I love that Harry finally gets a link to his parents. Plus, Buckbeak who is almost a Hero by the end of it, helping Sirius to escape!

2. Half-Blood Prince – Book and film of this one are great. I especially love it because of the pensieve and how you finally start to understand Voldemort and piece his story together. I love the chapters where they go back into Voldemorts past and also the Hermione and Ron love story which develops more!

1. Deathly Hallows – Of course this is my favourite, it has to be! When it finally all comes to an climax and I know a lot of things happen which means it shouldn’t be my favourite (Ron leaving them for a bit, Fred, Dobby, Lupin, just to name a few!) but it’s so gripping, no matter how many times I’ve read it before! When they go to Godrid’s Hollow, the Horcrux hunt, the DA at Hogwarts, the trip to the Dursleys; there’s so many parts I love!

The film rankings would probably be a little different but I think that’s enough about Harry Potter for now!

// Beth


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