Harry Potter!

Harry Potter is phenomenal. You can’t deny it. It’s a WHOLE world, all thought up by one, brilliant woman. JK Rowling has created a whole Wizarding World, including schools, a government, families, villains and secrets. It’s so complicated but all explained within 7 books. Plus, the fact that each book grows up with you, the first being more of a child’s book and the last actually getting quite dark. But the series is suitable for practically everyone, the upfront story interesting kids but the subliminal story making sense to adults. (Buzzfeed explains this.) It’s so brilliant, a huge film franchise has been made from it and even an amazing studio tour and several ‘Harry Potter World’ sites such as the one in Orlando, Florida. It’s one of the best things in the world I’d say. (And I just can’t understand people who say they don’t like it. You don’t like genius and brilliance!? How dare you!? – But this is a whole other rant that I won’t go into now…)


So when I checked out the list of Societies at my university, I was quite disappointed to find out that they didn’t have a Harry Potter society! Dr Who? Yes. ‘Ultimate Frisbee’? Yes. But no Harry Potter. There wasn’t anything else to do, except make it myself.

A few of my housemates and Harry Potter fanatics and I have joined together to create, run and organise our own Harry Potter Society! This is probably the best thing to happen to our university since…probably ever. It may have started as a drunk decision but it’s definitely a serious and sober plan of action now. We have soooo many ideas for activities and even sports we can play (and we never play sports..) all related to Harry Potter. It’s going to be amazing.

// Beth


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