Identity – Be more than your condition.

I spend a lot of time on social media, I’m not going to deny it, but lately I’ve seen so much being posted about people’s conditions and I can’t help but find myself thinking ‘is there nothing else you want to talk about’?

Believe me, I am sympathetic to everyone who suffers from something, whatever it is. How can I not be when I suffer from something so serious myself? And yes, I did start this blog to talk about CF but it’s become much more than that. I realised that I had a lot more to talk about than just my condition.

I understand that for some people, their medical issues can cause huge problems in their lives and that new conditions can creep up on people and feel like a lot to handle and a lot to adjust to. I do get that. But I think it is important to remember what makes you happy, especially if you’re struggling with your condition.

I remember when CF was a huge problem for me and I was the most ill I’d ever been. At the time, it was something I thought about a lot, I had to. I had to focus on not getting any worse and trying as hard as I could to get better. But as well as my condition, I was dealing with school and homework too, and also going to dance and guitar lessons. I wasn’t letting my condition  be my ‘master status’, as they’d call it in sociology! I was suffering but I kept the other things in my life going too.

From the examples I’ve seen, people let their condition be their main characteristic. Everything else about them becomes irrelevant and in my opinion, it shouldn’t be this way. If you are suffering with an illness, you need to remember the other aspects to your identity. Did you love playing netball before you got ill? Were you crazily interested in outer space? Then let this become a major part of you again. Let what you love be part of your identity. And you can tell the world. You can post this on Instagram or Twitter or wherever you like. It’s important. It’s you.

I know that staying well or getting better may be the main focus for you, but staying happy and positive will help too and you can do this by remembering who you are without that condition. Think about what you love. Get involved with what you love.

You may have something but you also have so much more. You are not your condition.


// Beth



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