McBusted Album Review

The joining of McFly and 2 of the ex-members of Busted (James Bourne and Matt Willis) was the best news I heard last year. Due to my immense love of Busted (and slight love for McFly) I was filled with a happiness that only the return of one of my favourite bands could create.  The tour, on which they sang a bunch of McFly and Busted hits, was amazing and literally felt like dream. It was the best concert I’ve been to, probably because I’d been wishing for so long to see Busted live and it was finally happening! (In the shape of McBusted, with a member of Busted missing, but it was happening!)

So when they announced an album I was excited all over again! NEW Busted music! Although, I had to remember that it was with McFly now – amazing song writers and performers, don’t get me wrong, but it wouldn’t be Busted, as it was back in 2003.

On December the 1st 2014, the two bands released their debut album, as the supergroup to beat all other supergroups…MCBUSTED. And despite not being a new Busted album, it is pretty spectacular.

It is what you would expect from these six cheeky chappies! It’s fun, with some ridiculous lyrics, so energetic and catchy, and just one of those albums you have to play on LOUD.

The ‘break-up’ track and the most poignant of all the tracks would be ‘What Happened To Your Band’.  Its simple lyrics take you back to the time post-Busted, back to 2005 when Charlie Simpson decided to quit and the whole band came to an unexpected end. It was a sad time for all Busted fans and this song will take you back, putting you in James and Matt’s shoes and making you feel lost and miserable with the lyrics “where’d you go? I’ve been lost without you, it’s crazy, time moves slow, I ain’t seen you on the TV lately.”

‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’ is the ballad of the album; slow and romantic and written by James Bourne, what else does it need? It may not keep up with the fast pace on the rest of the songs, but every album needs a slow song and this is it for McBusted. It’s actually quite a sweet song and with beautiful lyrics and softer sound. With the majority of it sang by Bourne, it has a very welcome place on the album.

‘Riding On My Bike’ has an electronic sound to it and reminds me of one of James Bourne’s past projects ‘Future Boy’. It begins with an electronic bleep and has a robotic effect on the vocals and it does really stand out on the album as it sounds quite different! 

The second track of the album is ‘Hate Your Guts’ and it definitely deserves a mention! It features Blink-182’s bassist and co-lead singer, Mark Hoppus (not that McBusted needs another head!) Even so, the song is brilliant and has something different about it, due to this different voice. It begins with drum sticks and then straight into the heavy music. It’s got a shouty chorus and catchy lyrics. It’s the perfect song to sing along to in order to relieve some anger and it most definitely not a song you can play while trying to write a review… It’s full of petty insults which make you smile, “I hope you suffer a small paper cut // I hope your favourite TV show fails to record // I hope the battery dies on your phone // I hope when I’m out on tour you lose your keys to the door”, and after that it continues on with “I wish I didn’t love you anymore.”

‘Air Guitar’ was their first single, a funny song about fantasizing about playing guitar, something I’m sure they all did when they were young! Their next single is ‘Get Over It’, an equally catchy pop-punk song which was co-written with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth. It also has a pretty hilarious video, which you can see here:

(I can’t take Tom seriously as an actor, maybe he should stick to singing and song writing!)

For someone who doesn’t really know they members of the bands, they might listen to this album and not understand the humour in the lyrics. To the unfamiliar ear, this album might just seem like a cast of ridiculous adolescent problems and worries that men in their twenties shouldn’t be singing about. It would probably seem childish and silly. But to those who understand what the guys of McBusted are like; with their obsessions for Back to the Future, children named after Toy Story characters and set of 3 blow up boobs on stage at their tour, it exactly what you’d expect! Songs about riding bikes and worrying about how their hair is – are they being their joking selves or are they actually having a dig at the superficial society that we live in? We may never know, but there is one thing to be sure of, whatever they’re doing, they’re having the most fun time doing it!


// Beth


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