My December Update!

December is always a month that passes by in a blur! With its days getting mixed up in the huge Christmas hype, when Boxing Day arrives and you finally have time to catch your breath, you realise there’s only a few days left of the month – and of the year!

Sprained ankle injury, day 3. A tad bruised perhaps?

Despite my standard student activities (such as drinking and partying – oh and studying of course!), there were a few things I recall!

I began December the way any student does; by using Christmas as an excuse to party! It was great apart from the part when I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. I was rushing to hear a Busted song and I suppose you could say… I ended up busting my ankle…?  Anyway, this sprain was pretty bad and now, nearly a whole month later, it’s still not 100%. (I’m hoping the strange bumps on it will go soon..)

December means nearly the end of the academic semester, which means assignment. I came home for Christmas with assignments for all 4 of the modules I’m taking at the moment. For a journalism student, this means portfolios for most, which means multiple stories for each. Which means work. A bunch of it.

During December, we also had our first social as a Harry Potter society – of which I am co-chair and head of Ravenclaw! It was great fun and looks like we’ve got a fun group of HP fans!


Christmas Day and New Years Eve should get a mention but honestly, and sadly, they aren’t as exciting anymore! Christmas ends up being a day of waiting for the food and NYE is just another night where drinking and partying happens – which happens quite frequently at university anyway!

Either way, it’s brought us into 2015! A new year where actually not much is really new! I’ll go back to uni in a few days and pick up where I left off! This year I haven’t bothered with resolutions, they only get forgotten or ignored! I don’t remember what my one for last year was, which can only mean that I didn’t do it!

But there are a few things happening in 2015… a nice long summer holiday in Flordia – stopping at Disney and Universal, hopefully buying what will be my first car and in September, beginning my last year at university! (That one’s a little exciting, but mostly scary! How has that gone so fast!?)


My highlights of 2014 – what was actually a great year for me!

  • I spoke to my most favourite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, on the phone! Thank you Radio 1 Star Caller!
  • I passed my driving test in August, on my first go somehow!
  • I went to the Harry Potter Warner Bro’s studio tour, which was amazing!
  • I moved into a house with my friends at University and have had so much fun since!


I hope everyone reading enjoyed their Christmas and had a fun start to 2015! May this year only be good to you! 


// Beth


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