New Year’s Resolutions

I realise that we are nearly two weeks into the new year and this post is about new years resolutions, but bear with me!

Every year people make resolutions which are, inevitably, forgotten within just a few weeks. The year always starts with an increase in gym-goers and healthy-eaters, but by February everyone has retreated back to the comfort of their front rooms, eating their Christmas chocolate on the sofa in front of the TV.

So, in December when everyone was deciding on resolutions they’d never complete, I didn’t bother. I knew that throughout the year I’d think of things I’d want to improve on – not healthy eating or more exercise though, I’m not that person! – but things I could work harder for when I need to, no matter what time of year.

You don’t need a new year to encourage you to improve things; you can and should do this all through the year! I also don’t see the point in making big resolutions in December because it’s pretty much a guarantee that it won’t be fulfilled and it won’t even be remembered by the end of the year!

This is why I didn’t made any resolutions then and have only decided on things I want to improve on now. At the moment, these are:

  • Posting on here more. Last year, my aim was to post every month; this year I’m going to try to post every week. That’s a big jump, from 1 post a month to 4; 12 posts a year to 52, but I’m going to have a go. I already have a list of drafts with topics to write about, so inspiration is no excuse!
  • I want to read more books. My Amazon wish list of near 20 books (currently) will be read by the end of the year, including the piles on unread books I already have in my room! Summer is the perfect time to read and last year I spent it re-reading Harry Potter! This year though, I’m going to make a dent in that list of books to read instead! (Right now I’m reading ‘The Shock of the Fall, by Nathan Filer.)

Okay, so this may be it for now… I know they aren’t too strenuous but they are achievable! As they’re things that I actually want to do, I know I’m more likely to do them! And if I come up with more during the year, that’s fine too!

How many of you have already been slacking on your new years resolutions? ;D


// Beth


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