R.I.P. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

The week began with some bad news. Two pieces of bad news, actually. The world was rocked and the nation, devastated. On January the 12th, it was revealed that Cadbury Creme Eggs would never be the same again.

You may think I’m being dramatic, but to one of the biggest fans of Creme Eggs, this is very upsetting. Not only have the boxes of the eggs been downsized (from 6 to 5), but the recipe has also been changed. They will no longer be made with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, and just with some other kind of chocolate instead! One which may be cheaper, but will make no difference to consumers. Perhaps this would be a little more acceptable if the retail price for Creme Eggs match these changes, but there has so far been no suggested difference in sale price.

Cadbury’s chocolate is something which, in the past, the nation has taken a lot of pride in. Up until 2011, we had a Cadbury factory in Keynsham, Bristol, the original home of the production of Creme Eggs – produced as they were meant to be, with Dairy Milk chocolate! Now, Kraft have taken over and all Cadbury production has ceased in Bristol, with a majority of it now moved to Poland. Unable to then take pride in its production, the nation were left hoping Kraft would keep its standard up to scratch! So, as expected, the result of this news has left the nation disappointed and outraged.

This article by The Independent captures the nation’s feelings perfectly. It begins by describing these changes as “a bilateral attack on the glory of Easter” – an apt description, I think. Also, in their reaction to a quote from Kraft, they say “tell that to the Dickensian little boy holding one of the new Creme Eggs in his cupped hands and weeping, Kraft” and we know the feel the same. Click the link – it’s an article worth a read!

I would suggest a boycott of the product, making it clearer to the company that these changes are not welcome! But as it’s my favourite Cadbury product.. I know I won’t be able to keep that promise. I can’t resist them!

// Beth


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