My Week of Films

This week began with a cinema trip to see Woman in Black: Angel of Death. I voluntarily agreed to watch this but I will admit that I spent most of the film hidden behind my scarf. The first one which featured Daniel Radcliffe did also scared me at the time but since then I’ve watched it a again and have realised it isn’t too bad…! The second one though, is much scarier! The children in it are much more involved in the plot than the first one – something I’m not a huge fan of! It always seems scarier and more shocking when they involve them in the events! Despite this, the storyline was better; it was longer, with more minutes of suspense and tension and had a lot more substance to it. There was more to why the characters were there and a bit more depth about them. It also wasn’t as predictable. I won’t say anymore, apart from that I won’t be watching it again in a hurry!

I also saw The Theory of Everything this week too! I don’t think I’ve ever been to the cinema twice in one week before, I’m more likely to go only twice a year! Anyway, this film was much more enjoyable than the Woman in Black! It was brilliant and has sparked an interest in Stephen Hawking that I never really had before! The film really made me very frustrated for him, for how his life was going and then suddenly it all changed and he began to lose control of his muscles. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to suddenly be unable to walk and talk properly. A scene showing him struggle to climb the staircase in his own home was perhaps one of the most poignant. It is a film that will really make you feel for the physicist, as well as admire everything he has achieved.

Most importantly about the film, I need to say that the acting was phenomenal. For me to exit the cinema thinking about all these things shows just how brilliant a job Eddie Redmayne did of portraying Stephen Hawking. His whole demeanour, behaviour, movements, everything about Redmayne’s performance was perfectly reflective of the scientist. This film really demonstrates incredible talent by the actor. When Stephen Hawking’s condition deteriorates and he’s left in a wheelchair with very limited movement, Redmayne manages to captured it so well; it’s something that is almost impossible for anyone to even imagine, but somehow the actor managed to inhabit these characteristics and show it in the way Hawking himself does. To take on such specific and uncommon habits and movements must have been very testing for the actor, but he has done an incredible job and has kept it all very realistic.

It was a brilliant film, insightful and powerful. I recently bought the book that it was based on, ‘Travelling to infinity’, which I’m a just starting to read this week! The Theory of Everything is a sure recommendation though!

// Beth


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