Rachel Green: Style Icon

I am in no way claiming to be or trying to be a fashion blog, I am just an avid watcher and admirer of Friends! Every time I watch the series I seem to notice more and more. When watching the first few seasons (for about the 30th time) a few weeks ago, I noticed just how great the outfits worn by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel were! She wears so many cute 90′ looks that have definitely had an impact on fashion today! I’ve found just a few of my favourite ones:

These are perhaps two of my most favourite Rachel Green outfits. I love checked clothing and these two are very similar to things I actually have in my own wardrobe! I especially love the leggings, worn casually with a shirt and cardigan – a combination I often wear myself! (There will not be many occasions where you won’t find me wearing a pair of leggings and shirt!) I recently bought a checked skirt too, so both these outfits are things I’d wear now, 20 years on from when they were first worn! (Perhaps not the knee high socks though!)



I love this outfit, with the cute pair of black shorts and statement shirt tucked in to them! Not something I have but definitely something I’d wear!





I love dungarees! And denim in general really! I have a denim shirt, the same as I remember my mum owning years and years ago! I do not own dungarees, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t almost bought some! I can assure you that I’ve definitely tried some on in a shop!
Anyway, I love them and love this pair that Rachel wears in Season 1 of the show. Later on, she wears a similar pair over a white short sleeved shirt, a combination I prefer to the vest/dungarees outfit she’s wearing on the right.


Here is the other dungarees combination, with another statement shirt – my favourite Rachel/denim outfit!



I love many outfits that Rachel wears but 90’s style Rachel is my favourite! The first seasons of the show were filmed and aired in the 90’s and these outfits made Rachel a style icon for many. It seems that now, 20 years later, she is still a fashion icon and has even inspired fashion today!


// Beth


(Sorry for the girly/fashion blog post! It will only be one of few to appear on this blog!)


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