Journalism Student Update

I’m already slacking at posting more often… in my defence uni has been quite busy for me recently! (Two blog posts in the same month is still better than I used to be though!) My last assignment before May has now been handed in and I’ve had feedback for the others, so I should be back to blogging from now on! This post is just an update but I will be writing more interesting content soon!


So, this semester I’m finally learning shorthand… and it’s so difficult. At the beginning you learn the alphabet, but then you begin joining letters, omitting vowels, joining words and so many more ‘shortcuts’ helping you to write faster! Unfortunately, within my course we only have 12 weeks of it, so it has to be intense. I would not recommend this, learn it over a longer period if you can! We have two hours a week, whereas one hour a few times a week would be much better! Instead, we have a really intense session and when it’s over, my brain feels fried. All I can do though is practice, practice practice!

Within another module we have an assessed news day, where we create hourly news bulletins for radio. Yesterday we were practising for this and as a group we made a bulletin that was broadcasted to the whole class at 4pm. I volunteered as presenter… a seemingly scary job but actually not too bad! It was presented from our universities radio studios and I got to control microphones and the clips. It was actually kind of fun, something I would volunteer to do again!

The whole house is stressed at the moment with work. Some are being encouraged to think and plan dissertations already and we are all thinking of the assessments we have coming up! Thankfully, I’ve just finished and handed in my last one for a while, although I really did struggle with the essay! Fingers crossed!


// Beth




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