Mother’s Day

This weekend brings possibly the least offensive of celebratory days – Mother’s Day. I’m sure you are all aware of it approaching, everywhere that could possibly talk about it, is talking about it.

Anywhere you look, there’s emphasis on flowers, chocolates, cards; little ways to show appreciation for that one person in your life who has always been there for you.

I’ve called it the least offensive of these days, because it is much more bearable than others – Valentine’s Day for example. While some people might just describe these days as ways for card and gift companies to make money, Mother’s Day (along with Father’s Day) is not too bad. These types of days finally give you an excuse to say what you should to the people who raised you, who stood by you through every tantrum or bad haircut. It’s one day a year when you say thank you, and when you realise just how much you rely on these people.

But there will always be people who can’t enjoy these days as they should be enjoyed and celebrated. Those who have lost their Mum’s or Dad’s, or perhaps have never known them at all. For these, it’s not quite as simple as just saying thank you to a parent who has always been there. They can be difficult days where memories come flooding back and wishes of a different past are made.

So while you celebrate the amazing, loving and caring people in your life, just spare a thought for those who don’t have these people to thank, and really remember just how lucky you are.


// Beth


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