McBusted Tour #2

Last Sunday I saw McBusted on tour for the second time! I went last year to their first tour, which has to be the most exciting concert I’ve ever been to – I was getting to see Busted after so long thinking I would never get to see one of my favourite bands live! It was great last year and it was just as great this year!

We had seats on the floor, in the block just in front of the B stage, where a hovering Delorian dropped off the band members during the show! The main stage was made up like an arcade game, which they teamed up and played on too! (Go Team Tom/James/Danny!)

They sang ‘Crashed the Wedding’ after walking up the aisle by our block of seats, all wearing suits or wedding dresses! ‘Riding on my bike’ had the best set up, with James Bourne actually riding a bike around the stage and throwing merchandise into the audience! The Mario’s that helped to set up the stage between songs also provided much amusement!


I would say it was equal to last year… although the stage was better this time, and we had better seats, I did feel like interaction with the crowd was better last year! I also thought this tour would focus on their new music, but they still sang many of McFly and Busted’s older hits. I would have liked to have heard more of the new songs, but the ones they did chose were the best ones! (You can see my review of the McBusted album here.)


I know McFly fans want McFly back, but they seem to love being a superband at the moment and you can tell they’re having so much fun doing it! It also makes me so happy to see James and Matt together and performing again too! Who knows what McBusted will be doing next…!



// Beth

(I have seen McBusted 3 times now – I saw them again at South West live on Weston Beach last June, but haven’t included it here as it wasn’t their tour!)



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