Life Update: Busy!

It’s been a little while since my last post, but this time of the year is really busy for university students!

Since Easter it’s been all about assignments and making plans for the end of the year! We only have a few weeks left of lectures, but assignments are continuing until the end of May!

On top of that, the Harry Potter Society I run has organised a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, so we’ve been busy sorting tickets and travel out for that (which isn’t as simple as it should be!) That’s in a week’s time, and will be a nice break for assignment work!

Assignments have really piled up and are all due in within the next month so this is quite a stressful time! What makes it worse is that some assignment briefs re not very clear at all and as Journalism is quite a practical course, I’ve had to wait for certain lectures to carry out practical parts of the assignment! I’m in limbo a little right now and can’t get that much work done, as I’m waiting for interviewee’s to reply and lectures to come around which hopefully will shed some light on the assignment briefs!

I’m also still learning and practising shorthand. I have to decide whether I want to do the shorthand exam in a few weeks! I’m not confident but there isn’t any harm in giving it a go I suppose! But with all the assignments I’m finding it difficult to get much shorthand practice in!

Oh, and I forgot to mention… I bought a car over Easter! A little black Peugeot 107! Sadly, I had to leave it at home, so I only had it for 3 days before I had to leave it! I’m looking forward to all the driving I can do while I’m at home for summer though! (Midnight Memories, One Direction’s third album, is one of the best driving CD’s though…)


Over the summer I’m going away on a long holiday, which I am looking forward to so much! It will be amazing as I won’t have a pile of assignments to think about and can just relax in the sun… It can’t come soon enough!


I’ve got some more blog posts planned but it’s just finding the time to write them in between these final lectures, Harry Potter Society meetings, assignments and shorthand practice!

// Beth


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