The Impossible

On Sunday night, Channel 4 played the film The Impossible. It tells the true story of a family caught in the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004. The family were on holiday when the waves came in on Boxing Day, leaving a huge trail of destruction through the country.

The film was one of the most harrowing, shocking and heartbreaking films I’ve ever seen. It was so realistic, with all the actors and actresses doing a brilliant job. I’m still thinking about it a few days later. I don’t often cry my eyes out at films, but I did to this one.

It’s left me feeling affected. I keep thinking about what those victims went through. The film showed it all so well and it’s left me thinking about what emotions they were truly feeling. Two of the three sons in the film were so young and all I keep thinking is that they would have not had much of an idea about what was going on, while the older one had to take on a lot of responsibility.

This film was shown after the earthquake in Nepal, which has killed over a 4000 people, and this number is still rising. Natural disasters are out of our control, but they leave so much destruction and damage. The film has made me really think about the people affected in these disasters. There are families never reunited, people never found.

I do recommend watching this film. And if you can, you can donate to help those in Nepal. or text DONATE5 to 70008 to give £5.


One thought on “The Impossible

  1. iggy23

    I actually watched this with my group of friends only because there weren’t any other movies at that particular time slot but it was so powerful. I think it was one of the only movies where I teared. Luckily it was dark so no one saw but I felt quite touched by the actions of the children when they finally found their parents. Glad to see that this was something you found very impactful as well 🙂

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