So far, may has been a busy month! I realise this blog has quietened down recently but I’ve been so preoccupied with university!

This month I’ve handed in 5 assignments, with 4 all being in the past week! I’ve also taken a shorthand exam at several different speeds and been to a Vamps concert in Birmingham. And to top off all that, we’ve all been helping our housemate to complete a list of things to do before she leaves for good! It’s been a busy month…

So today was my shorthand exam, which I took at 40, 50 and 60 wpm. I did achieve my 40wpm University of Worcester certificate, which I’m proud of seeing as I’ve only been learning it for 12 weeks! It’s something I’ll keep going with though and hopefully I’ll be able to take the NCTJ 60wpm exam next year.

All assignments have been handed in now, except for one last reflective essay and then I’ve finished my second year at university! A crazy thought really, just one more year left!

One of my housemates is a third year, so she is almost done with her uni experience! She’s made a list of things to do before she leaves Worcester and we’ve all been helping her to tick these off! We’ve been on a beer garden pub crawl, been star gazing on our roof, all had a film night in eating fish and chips and also been to an 80’s/90’s night out.

Last Friday three of us travelled to Birmingham to see The Vamps, which was an amazing concert! I’ve not seen The Vamps live before and they were so good! It was probably one of the most energetic gigs I’ve been too and as it was the last one of their UK a few pranks were played! Their support band The Tide, and their crew, came on stage dressed up as ballerina hippo’s and characters from Star Wars – the band had no idea! They also got their dad’s to come onstage and ‘play’ What Makes You Beautiful! Each of the band also had a solo song which showed off their individual talents and I will say I was absolutely blown away by Tristan’s drum solo! Union J, Luke Friend and The Tide were supporting and The Tide now have a new fan in me!

Unfortunately our seats weren’t brilliant but it I still had a brilliant time!



The next concert is 5SOS in June, which I obviously cannot wait for! And after that I’m off home for the summer, for a family holiday and to reunite with my car!


// Beth


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