Why Ugly Betty is one of the best TV shows ever

I’ve just got to the end of the Ugly Betty series for, I don’t know, the 6th time? It’s one of my favourite TV shows ever, along with Friends – another one I’ve seen countless times!

While watching it this time around, I remembered why I love it so much; why I think it’s one of the best TV shows ever:

1. The main theme of the show: Be yourself.
It promotes confidence and encourages people to just be themselves. People will love you for who you are.

You don’t believe Betty will succeed especially after finding a job at a fashion magazine, but she works hard and earns her way and does become successful at Mode.

2. Manages to be both funny and emotional.
Many shows try to do this, some succeed, some don’t. Ugly Betty definitely falls within the category of those who succeed.

The show covers such difficult issues, such as Cancer, death, bullying, young pregnancy etc. but it still manages to keep that famous level of hilarity from characters like Mark, Amanda, Daniel and Betty herself.

When it needs to be serious, the tone changes and any humour stops, leaving you to get involved with the emotion.

It also touches upon how to deal with grief, as Betty often talks about her mum and how she remembers her in everything she does. Daniel also goes through a tough period in season 4, where Betty helps him to deal with it.

3. It has such a good soundtrack!
It’s got one of the best TV show soundtracks I’ve ever heard, not to mention, they got THE Adele to feature in one of the episodes!
A majority of the songs featured have since made their way onto my iPod, as they aren’t typically well known. But they manage to capture the right feeling suited to the scene, whether happy or sad. Some of my favourites include:

Jasmine Ash – I Wished For You

Two of Cups – Breathe


// Beth


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