Things students miss over the summer

Assignments and exams are done, and summer has rolled around again. Us students may be excited at first to return to our old lives, see old friends and family, but after just a few days back in the family home, we will all quickly begin to miss that buzz of uni life.

Here’s just some of the things students miss when they return home for summer:

1. Inappropriate conversations – they happen at whatever time during the day/night, always unplanned and definitely hilarious. Probably no the type of chat to have at home though!

2. Swearing and affectionate but insulting nicknames – for example, my uni house the word ‘tit’ to refer to anyone, at any time. It’s more of an affectionate nickname at this point, but unsurprisingly, those at home do not agree…

3. Alcohol fuelled nights – these become much more sparse during the summer, normally because people are working or holidaying and the price of a night out is a lot more! It goes from 2 nights a week to 2 nights during the whole 3 month summer!

4. Nights out meeting new people – at uni there is so many people you haven’t met yet, but when you go out over summer, you realise just how many people you know from home.

5. Independence – losing some independence is okay when you’re talking about laundry, but when it comes to food shopping, that’s some independence we miss! No more fish fingers every night, and no more fridge full of snacks. Instead it’s plates of lentils and a food shop that has to feed more than just you! Where are all my crisps?

Successful Asda trip!

6. Student loans – regular instalments throughout the term are great, but over summer the money stops and leaves you with a fun game of trying to make what you’ve got left last! This can be a challenge when you’re trying to have a great summer!

7. Double beds – (you understand this one once you’ve moved out of halls) but at home it’s back to hitting the wall with every possible part of your body because you’ve forgotten that your bed is half the size of the one in your student house.

Gunna miss this one while I’m home for summer ☀️

A photo posted by Beth (@bspparks) on Jun 7, 2015 at 8:01am PDT

8. Free time – there is surprisingly a lot of this during the term, but over summer it’s normally time to return to that day job.


// Beth


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