Review: Spy

Making the decision to watch Spy wasn’t a tough one. Any film featuring Melissa McCarthy is bound to hold much hilarity and Spy did not disappoint. It follows a similar theme to The Heat, where McCarthy and Sandra Bullock act as a female spy duo; but don’t be fooled, Spy contains much more hilarity with a better script and action packed scenes.

As the film opens, McCarthy sits behind a desk as analyst Susan Cooper, assisting her partner spy, Bradley Fine (played by Jude Law). But after disaster hits, she steps out of her comfort zone and takes on the role of spy herself. We see her take on hilarious identities and take part in high speed stunts which all promise to entertain.

As an inexperienced spy, McCarthy’s character is involved in many obvious failures and accidents all necessary to keep up the comedy, but despite this, the film still ends as a win for females with McCarthy pulling off this typically male role.

While there is a clear female lead, this is no chick flick. The film is full of action to entertain all viewers and a brilliant script provides McCarthy with hysterical lines. Her witty insults are one of the highlights of the film.

In her Hollywood debut, British comedy actress Miranda Hart plays McCarthy’s sidekick. They fulfil the superhero/sidekick role wonderfully and are a delightful duo to watch.

Rose Byrne portrays cold, hard villian Rena Boyanov, the only one who knows where a deadly nuclear bomb is hidden. Some of the most memorable scenes arrive as McCarthy pretends to be Rena’s bodyguard, going to all lengths to hide her true spy identity, with highly entertaining results.

Jason Statham plays Ford, a fellow spy in the CIA. Watch out for his impressive monologues where he recalls many eccentric stories, bringing comedy to his otherwise tough guy persona.

Overall, this film is a hilarious mix of action and comedy, with a strong female lead and great supporting cast. Dialogue is crazy good, resulting in a fully entertaining spy film. One of McCarthy’s best.


// Beth


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