Bucket List: What I’ve Completed

In October 2012, I made a list of 50 things and posted them here, on this blog. This was my bucket list, and looking back over it now, 3 years later, I can already say I’ve completed some of the things on that list.

8) See One Direction live – I’ve completed this one several times over, so I think it’s okay to strike it off my bucket list now!

Gig 2 of 1D's WWA Tour in 2013, Wembley, London
Gig 2 of 1D’s WWA Tour in 2013, Wembley, London

10) Be an extra in a film – University does provide some unexpected opportunities and during my first year I got to star as an extra in my flatmates film, which she wrote and directed. However, after this experience I can say that it isn’t a career path I’d like to pursue!

17) Return to Disneyworld Florida – I went in 2012 and after having the best holiday ever, I vowed to return, which I did this year!

19) Have my writing published – During a work experience placement at the Bristol Post I wrote some articles which were published in the paper and also on their website!

21) Go to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, Florida – Another place I got to visit during my holiday in Florida this year!

23) Be in a play – I took part in my Sixth Form production of Jungle Book.

24) Watch the sun set on a beach – Saw this several times while visiting Clearwater, Florida.

A photo posted by Beth (@bspparks) on May 18, 2015 at 3:49am PDT

41) Cry at a film with friends – I will admit now that I don’t know why I wanted to do this… but I have recently completed this ‘wish’. I watched The Impossible with my housemates at university. I cried. A lot.

These are things I have done so far, but I’ve also changed my mind about some of the others… I think it might be time to create a newer bucket list! Watch out for this in the future!

// Beth


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