July in Florida!

Last month I flew to Orlando with my family to spend 3 weeks in Florida. I may be a 20 year old university student, but I will still go on family holidays if they go to Disneyworld!

Our first two weeks were spent at Disneyworld with a weekend at Universal Studios!


This was the second time we’d been to Disneyland and despite all being three years older, it was still just as fun! If anything, I’d say we were more into it this time. We knew what to expect, how to spend our days well and we even set out to meet met more characters! (These included Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Goofy, Chip’n’Dale and of course Minnie and Mickey!)

Universal Studios was incredible! Better than Disneyworld in my opinion, but I think this is because I haven’t been before, and also I am a huge Harry Potter fan!

Great weekend 😊🇺🇸

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In Islands of Adventure is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Hogsmead, which is amazing! It was the mirror image of the films, with Hogsmead, Ollivanders and The Three Broomsticks! And there at the end of the street is Hogwarts!


Honeydukes // Diagon Alley // Universal Studios ⚡️

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We were up at 5am that morning, so we could get to the park and the Harry Potter ride (which is inside the Hogwarts castle) quickly and be near the front of what was guaranteed to be a ridiculous queue!

There are also more extreme rides at each Universal park than there are in the Disney ones, so it does depend on what you like! We are a family which likes the big rides!

Disney holidays are tiring, it’s early mornings to get to the parks when they open, then lots of walking in 100 degree heat! But it is also so much fun! I’d pick a Disney holiday over a beach one any day!

But to relax after a fast paced two weeks, we had a couple of days at South Seas Island resort, which would have been beautiful if it weren’t for the rain! Unfortunately the sunniest day was the day we left and headed to Fort Lauderdale!

Another day, another beach. 🐚

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In Fort Lauderdale we had a villa with a beach nearby, where we managed to get our final few doses of sun. (Perhaps a bit too much sun for me, I ended up very burnt!)

We spent our last day in Miami, in it’s Art Deco district, which was pretty and really cool. (But also not cool, it was very very hot!)

Miami Art Deco District was pretty ☀️🇺🇸

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And that was our Florida holiday, which I am super sad to see end, although I can say that 3 solid weeks with my family is enough!

I do wish I could be back at Disneyworld right now though, it’s a place you never want to leave! I really hope I can return in the future, and also visit all many other places in America that I still want to explore! So, hopefully, I’ll see you again soon!


(You can check out more holiday pictures on my Instagram. Just click on my username about any pictures on this post!)

// Beth


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